Placement Guideline

In order to streamline the placement procedure and afford equal and fair opportunities to the students of all programs, the following guidelines will be adhered to with immediate effect:-

Students will be considered by CRC only through the individual online registration on the ‘Online Platform’ within the stipulated time period. No registration will be allowed in the mid of the session.

  • All students will be allowed to participate in all placement activities till they are final.
  • Once a student is confirmed by a company as selected, he/ she will not be allowed to participate in any further placement drives provided they fulfil the approved conditions.

To be fair to the students already selected, a second chance will be given to participate in the selection process of other companies on following terms and conditions.

  • Any student, if selected by a company in non-core profile, will be allowed a second chance for campus placement of a company who is offering core profile.
  • Students of PG placed with a package below 3 Lakhs will be permitted to participate in placement drive of those companies that are providing an annual package of 4 Lakh or above.
  • Students placed with a package of 3 Lakhs and above will be permitted to participate in placement drives of companies providing an annual package with the increment of 2 Lacs or above.
  • If any non tech graduate is placed irrespective of his/her salary package, will be allowed to participate in the placement drive of the companies that are offering the package increment of 50,000/- or above.

All students will be permitted to declare one company as the Dream Company’ while making the online registration at the beginning of the placement season.

This will enable students to appear in the selection process as and when the ‘Dream Company’ of their choice organizes a recruitment drive, even if they have been selected earlier by different Students will not be allowed to change their ‘Dream Company’ mid-stream even if the ‘Dream Company’ of their choice does not conduct recruitment drive.

A student, who confirms participation in a placement event (in/off campus) and thereafter absents himself / herself without valid reasons, will not be allowed to participate in the next two consecutive placement drives. This is to discourage absenteeism, which causes embarrassment to the Faculties, CRC and University. This penalty may be waived off at the sole discretion of the Head CRC or VC based on the merit of a case.

  • Students will not be allowed to directly contact company/HR Official or any official engaged in campus placements. Defaulters will not be allowed in any placement related activities in future.

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