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Report on One Week Theatre Workshop

The Department of English, SMeH organised a One Week THEATRE WORKSHOP from 9th October 2023 to 13th October 2023 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The resource person of the theatre workshop was Mr. Harshvardhan Chaturvedi, Theatre coach/Teacher. He completed his Masters’ Program in Journalism & Mass Communication from J.C Bose University of Science and Technology from YMCA Faridabad and Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (English) from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi in 2017-18. He has also successfully completed a two years Programme in Acting from Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Mandi House in New Delhi .

Mr. Harshvardhan Chaturvedi has worked for a Feature Film with Eminent directors like Mr. Varun Grover and Mr. Anurag Kashyap.

(Prof.) Dr. Shivani Vashist, HOD, Department of English started the session with a welcome note. The focus of the session was on the basics and importance of Natyashastra (theatre).

Day 1

the theatre workshop was very interactive and helpful to understand the core concepts of theatre. The essence of 8 Rasas, sringara , hasya, karuna, raudra, vita, bhayanaka, bibhatasa and adbhuta were thoroughly discussed and expressed. Students were also encouraged to focus on their respective emotions and feelings.

Day 2

commenced with the warm up exercises to help the spinal cord be straight and alert. Body language and self control were 2 keys which were focused by the resource person. Mind’s awareness was practiced and judged with the help of various exercises.

Day 3

started with the warm up exercises which was later followed by situations given to students for enactment. Students eagerly participated in the activities. Voice control including pitch, tone, volume and balance was also discussed and practiced. Body language alone cannot make an actor. Apt consciousness and alertness in one situation are also important.

Day 4

covered different aspects of acting ranging from movement, voice, props, improvisation and stage knowledge. Students were given creative freedom to improvise and come up with their own stories. Every student participated in the given tasks with great zeal. The team interpreted the idea in their own way and practiced to enact a small scene from the plot given to them in the given time limit to perform on the final day.

Day 5

the theatre workshop was the most memorable part for everyone. From the challenges of rehearsals to overcoming stage-fright, each step in the journey helped the students to become a stronger, self-reliant, and confident version of themselves. The learning of One Week THEATRE WORKSHOP was concluded and summarized with the help of a play enacted by the students which was inspired from the great epic of Mahabharata and initiated with a note of melodious folk song . The play was exhilarating and stirring for the audience. It was followed by the electrifying performance of Mr. Harshvardhan Chaturvedi.

The session was closed with a vote of thanks by Dr. Swati Chauhan, Associate Professor, Department of English. The theatre workshop had been quite an absorbing experience for both the students and faculty members who attended it.

The Session was well coordinated by: Dr. Swati Chauhan, Associate Professor & Prof. ( Dr.) Sujata .

Guest Lecture on ‘Navigating Gender Sensitization in Customs, Trade, and Leadership’ held on 11 October, 2023

The Department of English, School of Media Studies and Humanities, MRIIRS organised a Guest Lecture on ‘Navigating Gender Sensitization in Customs, Trade, and Leadership’ on 11 October 2023 at room no. FT-08 at 9.00 a.m.. Ms Riya Sharma was the guest speaker for the event. After completing her B.A. from Manav Rachna International University, Ms Riya is working as a lawyer (practicing) at Patiala Court, New Delhi. Ms Riya specializes in Custom Laws, and she deals with the cases pertaining to custom, trade, and leadership. She also gets cases of the female victims who are often exploited in trade and marketing.

A total of 38 students from BA 3rd semester and 5th semester attended the event. Ms Riya spoke about a few imperative laws associated with human and gender rights. She spoke that law is a fraternity that inculcates morality and ethics amongst natives, and it propagates a culture of peace and congeniality. It also perpetuates strict laws to reprimand the perpetrators.

Our guest also spoke about how women face challenges in conducting trade, and they lack knowledge about setting up their own business. She told students about amicable laws that assist women to pursue their dreams.

The session was followed by a question-and-answer session, where Ms Riya took to responding to queries by the students. Dr Nikita who also teaches a paper 'Human and Gender Rights' felicitated Ms Riya as the event concluded.


The Department of English, School of Media Studies and Humanities organized a Seminar on “Digital Marketing” on 10th October, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at FT-08. Dr. Anjali Singh, Associate Professor, School of Leadership and Management (UG), MRIIRS was the resource person for this one hour long Seminar. The students of B.A.(H) Semester 3 and 5 participated in this seminar.

The Seminar was organized to introduce the UG students to the emerging trends in the field of digital marketing. It updated them on the career options in the area. The students come to know about the role of communication skills in the field of digital marketing and various employment and entrepreneurship opportunities stored for them in the field.

The Seminar began with the welcome address of Dr (Prof) Shivani Vashist, Director- SMeH and HOD- English. She welcomed the resource person Dr Anjali Singh and initiated the participant to the large platform of knowledge and learning.

Dr Anjali began her session by using communication to get connected with the students. In her detailed discussion, she goes on explaining the concept, scope and functioning of digital marketing. Various aspects of digital marketing, i.e. the impact of digital marketing, how it has revolutionized the marketing industry, how it is affecting the customers and consumers and in what ways it is creating job and career opportunities were discussed in detail.

It was an interactive session and the participants asked many questions related to career and entrepreneurship opportunities in Digital Marketing. Overall, it was an engrossing and enriching session and everyone has certain takeaways from it.

Towards the end Dr Sujata, Faculty coordinator of the event thanked Dr Anjali for sparing time from her busy schedule and enlightening the UG English students on one key managerial issue. Anshika Vashistha and Shriya Das from B.A. (H) English 5th Semester were the student coordinators who managed the event fairly well.

Report on Elocution of Text

Department of English organized an activity Elocution of Text as a part of the class activity for the students of B.A. (H) English 1st semester on 3rd October, 2023. Elocution is a manner of speaking or reading aloud in public; the study and practice of oral delivery, including the control of both voice and gesture. The event was conducted to explore the talent of the students and to improve their text reading. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the students. Almost 20 students from B.A. (H) English Semester 1 eagerly took part in the activity.

The students spoke eloquently on a variety of topics which were taken from their syllabus British Literature 18th Century. The event prompted the students to read and comprehend some of the important literary texts like the mock epic The Rape of the Lock. The participants were judged on the basis of content, confidence, fluency and overall impact. The competition was conducted well under the guidance of the faculty coordinator – Dr. Swati Chauhan. Rashi Arora and Chirag Nagar, student coordinator coordinated the activity very well.

The best three speakers were selected by Judge of the activity Dr. Mouli Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Department of English, MRIIRS. The following are the names of the winners-

  • I - Bhawna
  • II- Arya
  • III - Nishtha

Later, the students were guided, how they can further improve their speaking and presentation skills. Dr. Mouli briefed students about body language and gestures. The topics were interesting and enthused the students to read more and be aware. In the end, Dr. Shivani Vashist Head of the Department appreciated the efforts of the students and guided the students to further improve their presentation and speaking skills.

Report of Creative Writing Workshop conducted on 25 September, 2023

Department of English, School of Media Studies and Humanities organized a workshop on Creative Writing by Dr. Guni Vats, who is an experienced copywriter with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Presently, she is working as an Assistant Professor with the Department of English. The workshop was conducted on 25 September, 2023 in room no FT 07.

The workshop was conducted with an objective to nurture and develop creative writing skills of the students. It was initiated by a discussion on the fundamentals of creative writing followed by an introduction to the world of creativity. It also focussed on the process of writing and the important aspects that needs to be considered while attempting any kind of writing. The workshop engaged participants in different kinds of creative writing with the aid of various exercises.

The session provided a stimulating and supportive environment for the participants to express their creativity, share their work and receive constructive feedback. The workshop concluded with the gracious presence of Dr. Shivani Vashist, Director (SMeH) and Head, Department of English who encouraged students to participate in such workshops as it will instill a sense of community in aspiring writers while building valuable networks.

The event concluded on a note of gratitude to the resource person for her valuable insights and the participants for their active participation.

Report of Rally on ‘Say No to Plastic’ Held on 28 September, 2023

The Department of English, SMeH organized a rally on ‘Say No to Plastic’ on 28 September, 2023 in Manav Rachna Campus. 23 students from B.A.(H) English 3rd semester & 5th semester carried the placards with messages on ‘safe’ environment and conducted a rally throughout the Campus. They were accompanied by Dr. Tripti Tyagi, Assistant Professor. The students raised slogans “Say No to Plastics” and “Refuse Reuse –Recycle Plastic” with an echo of determination and motive to reduce the use of plastic. They also pledged that they would use a minimal amount of plastic to sustain the environment.

This awareness rally aimed at creating awareness among the students.

The Department of English was able to collect bundles of plastic, and it was handed over at B Block, O P Bhalla Foundation.

We thank all who contributed to the great purpose of eliminating the plastic from human lives.

Alumni Connect Event “A Career of One’s Own: Reasons to Study Literature”

The Department of English, School of Media Studies and Humanities, MRIIRS, organised the first Alumni Connect event of this semester on 28 September 2023. Mehak Dudeja was the guest speaker for the event. After completing her B.A. from Delhi University, Mehak obtained her M.A. in English Literature from our department. She also pursued a Ph.D. here. During the course of her doctoral journey, she was awarded the short-term doctoral fellowship from ICSSR.

Mehak Dudeja spoke about her years in the university, sharing valuable experiences with the present students. Some of her anecdotes had the students smiling, who understood, at the same time, the importance of attending classes. Most importantly, Mehak shed light on the career options students can explore after completing their tenure at the university. In particular, she talked about pursuing higher studies in MRIIRS, engaging in content writing, and examining the publication industry. The session was followed by a question-and-answer session, where Mehak took to responding to career related queries by the students. Prof. Sujata felicitated Mehak as the event concluded. A total of 27 students attended the event.

The faculty coordinator for the event was Dr. Sumallya Mukhopadhyay.

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