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The Research cell has been formulated to encourage and support faculty members in their Research and Development activities.

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With the external ecosystem having undergone a transition from VUCA to a BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear & Incomprehensible) world, it becomes imperative for companies to renovate before they can innovate. Companies need to relook at their internal competencies and processes to ensure long-term value creation to ensure sustainable competitive advantage. Hence business enterprises essentially will need to have a two pronged objective of delivering superior value to the concerned target segment and get an equitable return on the value delivered by practising Customer Value Management.


Hence with the above context focusing on business health and productivity takes centre stage to the long term growth of the organisation.

One of the key priority areas of the CBHS shall be to consult the sales teams or the street warriors to craft a superior value proposition which ensures maximum profitability for the organization being represented by the client. The role of the salesperson thus changes from being a mere seller to being a knowledge broker, consultant and a value merchant.

Customer value has always been a critical component when dealing with business enterprises. Researchers and scholars in recent times have studied the concept of customer value and its components in depth for enhanced conceptual clarity.

It is seen that whenever a client sees value explicitly, they tend to lower their resistance levels and the seller finds it easier to justify the investment with rational justification.

Hence collaboration and co-operation is required at each step between both the stakeholders for value co-creation paradigm.

Creating shared value enables customer acquisition & retention, cost savings, differentiation from competitors, enhanced equation with stakeholders, positive reputation, access to funding opportunities, attracting and maintaining a motivated workforce and enhancing influence in the industry.

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