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With the external ecosystem having undergone a transition from VUCA to a BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear & Incomprehensible) world, it becomes imperative for companies to renovate before they can innovate. Companies need to relook at their internal competencies and processes to ensure long-term value creation to ensure sustainable competitive advantage. Hence business enterprises essentially will need to have a two pronged objective of delivering superior value to the concerned target segment and get an equitable return on the value delivered by practising Customer Value Management.


Hence with the above context focusing on business health and productivity takes centre stage to the long term growth of the organisation.

One of the key priority areas of the CBHS shall be to consult the sales teams or the street warriors to craft a superior value proposition which ensures maximum profitability for the organization being represented by the client. The role of the salesperson thus changes from being a mere seller to being a knowledge broker, consultant and a value merchant.

Customer value has always been a critical component when dealing with business enterprises. Researchers and scholars in recent times have studied the concept of customer value and its components in depth for enhanced conceptual clarity.

It is seen that whenever a client sees value explicitly, they tend to lower their resistance levels and the seller finds it easier to justify the investment with rational justification.

Hence collaboration and co-operation is required at each step between both the stakeholders for value co-creation paradigm.

Creating shared value enables customer acquisition & retention, cost savings, differentiation from competitors, enhanced equation with stakeholders, positive reputation, access to funding opportunities, attracting and maintaining a motivated workforce and enhancing influence in the industry.

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Staff Research Publications/Projects/PhDs Guided/Guiding

Dr. Gautam Srivastava

  • Research Publications:3
  • PhDs being guided : None
  • Projects : None
  • Revisiting the purpose of selling:Towards a model of responsible selling. Rakesh K singh, Gautam Srivastava, Ashok Sharma. Journal of Non profit & Public Sector Marketing. ISSN:1049-5142(Print), 1540-6997(Online)
  • Theories, Practice and Research in Social Marketing: A Review. Gautam Srivastava, Sanjeev Bansal. Stochastic Modeling & Applications.UGC Care.ISSN:0972-3641. Vol 26 No3-Jan June special issie part-1.2022.
  • Marketing:Evolution, Paradigms & Perspectives.Gautam Srivastava, Stuti Sahni-Natural Volatiles & Perspectives.2021;8(3)-29-33.Indexed in scopus

Dr. Amit Seth

  • Research Publications:23
  • PhDs being guided: 7
  • Projects: 5

“Challenges before Management-In downturn and recession” in an International Conference on “Recent Trends in Business, Management & IT” organized by Pune College of Art, Sciences and Commerce on 22nd March 2010.

“Remarketing in the era of Emerging Challenges for Sustainable Business” in National Conference on “Emerging Challenges for Sustainable Business” on dtd 1-2 June 2012 organized by IIT Roorkee, ISBN: 978-93-81583-46-3 Page 93

“Recessionary Challenges at TELCO and its strategy for a turnaround” in Gurukul Business Review of Feb 2015 issue (Spring 2015, Vol 11), ISSN: 0973-9262, Impact Factor;0.65, Page 76-78

Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior: A Study with respect to Baby Care Industry” in International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology in April 2018 ISSN: 2395-602X | Print ISSN: 2395-6011, Previous - UGC Approved Journal No: 64011, Volume 4, Issue 5, Page No. 1596-1601, Impact Factor 3.4


Amit Seth, Chhavi Goel, Impact of Spirituality on the Employees Behavior, Anvashek-A bi-annual journal, Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research (Indexed in UGC Care -Group-1), ISSN:0378-4658, Vol. 51 No.01, January-June 2021, Page: 166-172

Sonia Kalra, Dr. Amit Seth, and Ms. Poonam Rani, Nexus between Corporate Sustainability and Financial Performance-A Theoretical Outlook, Indexed in UGC Care, ISSN No. 2229-5348, Published in Journal of Management & Entrepreneurship, Volume 16, Number 3, July-September 2022, Page 52-65

Funded Projects

Got a research grant of Rs. 10 Lakh for a Research Project from ICSSR on Elderly Care Framework in Contemporary India: Socio-Demographic, Entrepreneurial, and Policy Implications

Got funding of Rs.93,000 from AICTE Atal Academy for conducting one-week online FDP-On Developing Real Life Case Studies, which was successfully organized in online mode from 20th Dec 2021 to24th Dec 2021.

Under the aegis of the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India got sanction (2019-20) of Rs. 1.00 Lakhs for conducting FDP on Entrepreneurship


Under the aegis of the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India got funding (2018-19) of Rs. 10.30 Lakhs for conducting various Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp, Entrepreneurship Development Program, Women Entrepreneurship Development Program, Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Program and Faculty Development Program.

Got University impaneled under National Entrepreneurship Resource and Co-ordination Hub (National E-Hub), Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojna for Rs. 9.20 Lakhs funding

Got AICTE funding of Rs. 8 Lakhs for EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) project and being Mentor and Guide for the EDC cell conducting various Workshops and events.

Dr. Subodh Saluja

  • Research Publications (1)
  • PhDs being guided : 5
  • Projects : None
  • R. Gera, R. Yadav, G. S. Khera, A. Saxena, P. Chadha, S. Dixit, L. Y. Sergeevna (2022). “A systematic literature review of supply chain management practices and performance”. Materials Today: Proceedings. Volume 69, Part 2, 2022, Pages 624-632. DOI: (Indexed in Scopus).
  • R Gera, P Chadha, MB Nag, S Sharma, H Arora, A Parvez, LY Sergeevna (2022). “A systematic review of green supply chain management practices in firms”. Materials Today: Proceedings. Volume 69, Part 2, 2022, Pages 535-542. DOI: (Indexed in Scopus).

Dr Amit Seth

  • P. Chadha, R. Gera, & V. Ahuja. (2022). “Determinants of MSA Adoption Intentions and Usage Behavior of Internet-Savvy and Younger Consumers: Insights from an Emerging Market”, Int. Journal of Electronic B. Vol. 17, No. 1, 87-107 (ISSN: 1470- 6067) DOI: 10.1504/IJEB.2022.120037 (Indexed in Scopus, ABDC Journal).
  • S. M. Antonyraj, M. Laxmi, P. Chadha. (2022). “External and Internal Factors Influencing E-Service Quality: Examining the Factors Affecting E-Service Quality of Indian Government’s Online Initiatives”, Journal of Positive School Psychology. Vol. 6, No. 5, 4178-4184 (ISSN: 2717-7564) (Indexed in Scopus).

R. Gera, P. Chadha, (2021). “Systematic review of artificial intelligence in higher education (2000-2020) and future research directions”, University of South Florida M3 Center Publishing, 2021. Vol. 4, pp. 1–12. DOI: 10.5038/9781955833042.

R. Gera, P. Chadha & S. Alavi. (2021). “A Comprehensive Synthesis of Theories of Mobile Shopping Adoption and Narrative Review”, International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning (IJCBPL).Vol. 11(2), 52-74. (ISSN: 2155-7136) DOI: 10.4018/IJCBPL.2021040104 (Indexed in Scopus).

R. Gera, P. Chadha, (2021) “Antecedents of Indian Green Consumer Purchase Intentions and Behavior: A Review and Future Research Directions”, Int. Journal. Management Practices. Vol. 14, No. 4, 485-518. (ISSN: 1477- 9064). DOI: 10.1504/IJMP.2021.116580 (Indexed in Scopus).

R. Gera, P. Chadha, & V. Ahuja, (2020). “Mobile app usage and adoption: a literature review”, International Journal of Electronic Business. Vol. 15(2), 160-195. (ISSN: 1470- 6067). DOI: 10.1504/IJEB.2020.106546 (Indexed in Scopus).

P. Chadha, S. Alavi, & V. Ahuja. (2017). “Mobile Shopping Apps: Functionalities, Consumer Adoption, and Usage”, International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning (IJCBPL). Vol. 7(4), 40-55. (ISSN: 2155-7136). DOI: 10.4018/IJCBPL.2017100104 (Indexed in Scopus).

Key Theme
Customised corporate sales training programs/Selling Skills Workshops

Target clients need to be engaged with two primary responsibilities; to generate new business and to retain /renew existing contracts. We plan to target junior/middle level managers at select organisations involved in client facing responsibilities. Salespeople are involved in prospecting buyers through careful assessment of their needs and conduct business by emphasising on offered benefits

Proposed verticals-Media, Telecom, IT Services

Suggested companies-Times of India, Sakshi Media, India TV, Times Internet, Viacom 18, SME Organizations

Staff- Dr. Gautam Srivastava, Dr. Subodh Saluja

Turnaround Strategy Description

In a VUCA world competition is emerging, margins getting squeezed, market share falling, and sales are declining. Organizations even with existence for many years, find difficulty in sustaining their business. Maybe, they are habitual in looking at operations with the same perspective, as they are habitual in handling for the last many years.

With the change in a marketing perspective, consumer trends, and with emerging technologies, Companies require a fresh mindset with visionary thought leaders who can turn around the organization. It is often found through research when going gets tough, it is better to hire services from outside who have better exposure and experience to set right the old-rooted thought process and may able to get the companies on the right track through:

  • Adopting the Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Thin and Lean Management
  • Restructuring Human Resources
  • Better Utilization of Financial Resources
  • Revamping marketing strategies

suggested companies-Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Staff- Dr. Amit Seth, Dr. Gautam Srivastava, Dr. Subodh Saluja

Corporate finance modelling and tax related trainings

Every business is deemed to be successful if it is financially better off than their competitors. The financial health of a company is determined if the income exceeds the cost. Financially feasible companies need to manage cash flows effectively so that they can keep the business running and offset the daily operating costs.

Corporate finance is the subfield of finance that deals with how corporations address funding sources, capital structuring, accounting, and investment decisions. Corporate finance is often concerned with maximizing shareholder value through long- and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various strategies. Corporate finance activities range from capital investment to tax considerations. Corporate finance as an area has become critical keeping in the view the current external eco-system and increased competition. New sources of funding and financing the ventures are emerging in business markets to provide solutions to emerging complexities of business. Corporate entities are required to be trained and streamlined for such financial modelling along with tax related issues.

  • Staff- Dr. (CS) Vinit Sikka
  • The research project undertaken by RG-HRD
  • Broad Area of Project: Young Women- Career and Family Planning at Crossroads
  • Principal Lead- Dr. Anindita Chatterjee Rao
  • Co-Lead- Dr. Swati Punjani

Summary of the Project: With swift increase in number of millennials in the global workforce, mindset and policies all need updation, modification and fine revisions. Majority of young ambitious women are stuck between the choice of pursuing their career goals with Family Planning taking a back seat which ultimately leads to performance gaps followed by emotional exhaustion. Prenatal and Neonatal concerns have a huge role to play in their journey of planning a baby and joining work after delivery. Physical, Mental and

Emotional fallouts among young women somehow pull them and their performance levels down. Study would identify the major barriers for young women to go for family planning and also recommend the enablers that could help them to reach their career goals along with having children and family in terms of policy building and facilitation.

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