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BTK (Basic Training Kitchen)

The foundation stone for young, dynamic budding Chefs has been laid here. They learn the fundamental guidelines and rules of kitchen operations and are introduced to the art and science of cooking. Through hands-on practical and live examples, this kitchen aids students in exploring their culinary abilities. The kitchen is fully equipped with latest appliances that meet the requirements of commercial kitchens. It serves as a training kitchen for first-year students, assisting them in comprehending the fundamentals of food and beverage production. Students at BTK are taught the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that is essential in the demanding environment of the food and beverage production. Here, the students are cared after and guided by the expert chefs.

ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen)

ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen), as its name suggests, is essentially a kitchen where students are trained in both authentic and fusion cuisines. After mastering the fundamentals, students move on to the specialization of culinary. Infrastructure that has been thoughtfully planned and installed to meet the needs of the global culinary sector French, Chinese, Mediterranean, and other international cuisines like Spanish, Italian, German, and Lebanese are all available on the menu. The main goal is to expertise students and familiarity with different cuisines around the world. The combined menus are created in such a way as to challenge students' knowledge of fundamental culinary techniques while also placing more emphasis on the presentation of the food on the plate and offering a sensory experience. Students are expected to create tasty delicacies while being tested on their skilled use of exotic ingredients.


BTR (Basic Training Restaurant: Alfresco Dining)

Basic Training Restaurant is used for instructing and preparing the students in the finer points of food and beverage service. In BTR students are taught all the finer skills of dining etiquette such as fine dining, buffet service, and banquet service during special events. The students receive training to be proficient in all management skills necessary in the food and beverage industry, including serving, supervising, and managing in their first, second, and third years respectively. Also along with the managerial skills students are being impart with the vast knowledge of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

Front Office Lab

One of the key divisions inside the hotel's rooms division is front office. This is the nerve center which contributes to the guest's first and enduring impression. This division assists in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere so that visitors are at ease and comfortable while they are there. For the satisfaction of the guest, this section is renowned for offering anticipatory and timely services. This lab is divided into several divisions, including reservations for rooms, telephone exchange, reception, concierge, cashier, and information desk.

Students receive hands-on training in all facets of front office operations management in order to close the gap between industry and academics. IDS is the Property Management System that is being utilized by this lab to provide software training in managing front office activities in order to stay up with the dynamic environment. For effective training, a front office lab with simulation tools has been developed. It has individual work stations that allow teachers to give each student individualized attention while they learn how to operate the PMS system.


Housekeeping Lab

"Creating a home away from home" is the Hospitality's motto. The housekeeping department takes great satisfaction in upholding the highest standards of hygienic conditions and aesthetically pleasing environments. Nothing draws visitors to a hotel more than a spotless setting. It is also referred to as the hotel's backbone because it is one of the main departments. Students acquire training in maintaining wide variety of surfaces including floors, walls, furniture, and fixtures in order to match industry standards. School of Culinary and Hotel Management has a wonderfully designed training guestroom for specialized and live training. The school also has an experiential lab where students can acquire knowledge about wide variety of floorings, carpets and wall covering to be used in designing the interiors of the hotel.

In order to produce an environment that is aesthetically appealing all around, the department is also responsible for horticulture and flower arrangements. Through lab practical and a series of industrial visits, students' talents in both traditional and contemporary notions of interior decoration are cultivated.

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