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The Economics Department at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) offers a dynamic and vibrant research environment that encompasses a wide range of economic topics and disciplines. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation, the department focuses on several major thrust areas that contribute significantly to the field of economics.

International Trade

The Economics Department at MRIIRS places a strong emphasis on research in international trade. Scholars and researchers delve into various aspects of global trade patterns, trade policies, trade agreements, and their impacts on economies. The department actively engages in exploring trade dynamics, barriers, and opportunities, aiming to provide insights into how countries can effectively participate in the global trading system.


Regional Development

Understanding and promoting regional development is another key focus area within the Economics Department. Research in this domain examines strategies for balanced regional growth, disparities in development, and the role of various factors such as infrastructure, human capital, and innovation in fostering sustainable development at the regional level.

Value Chains in Agriculture

The department recognizes the significance of agriculture in economies, especially in developing countries. Research on value chains in agriculture explores the entire process from production to consumption, analyzing factors affecting efficiency, sustainability, and inclusivity.


This research area contributes to policy recommendations for improving agricultural productivity and ensuring equitable distribution of benefits along the value chain.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

The Economics Department at MRIIRS acknowledges the growing importance of public-private partnerships in addressing societal challenges and driving economic growth. Researchers in this field investigate the design, implementation, and evaluation of PPP projects across various sectors, with a focus on their effectiveness in delivering public services, infrastructure development, and fostering innovation.

Policy Analysis and Development

A critical component of the department's research environment is policy analysis. Researchers examine the economic implications of various policies, both domestic and international, providing evidence-based insights to guide policymakers in making informed decisions. This area covers a wide spectrum of topics including fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade policy, environmental regulations, and more.


Sustainability and Environmental Economics

Given the global concerns about environmental sustainability, the Economics Department also engages in research related to the economics of sustainability. This includes investigating the economic consequences of environmental degradation, exploring the feasibility of green technologies, and assessing the economic impacts of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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