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In the Department of Economics at MRIIRS, our commitment to nurturing lasting relationships extends far beyond graduation. Our alumni interaction initiatives stand as a testament to this dedication, providing a bridge that connects past, present, and future minds in the world of economics.

Regular alumni interactions, encompassing seminars, workshops, and networking events, serve as invaluable platforms for students to glean wisdom from those who've ventured into the professional world. These interactions offer insights into real-world applications of economic theories, the evolving job landscape, and the diverse pathways available to economics graduates.

The usefulness of alumni interactions is manifold:
Guidance and Mentorship

Alumni offer firsthand guidance and mentorship, helping current students navigate academic choices, career prospects, and personal growth.


Building connections with alumni opens doors to an expansive network of professionals, potential employers, and collaborators, enriching students' career opportunities.

Industry Insights

Alumni provide an insider's view of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, allowing students to align their studies with practical demands.

Practical Wisdom

Alumni share their experiences, offering practical insights that textbooks often can't capture, enhancing students' understanding of economic concepts.


Witnessing alumni accomplishments inspires students, showing them the tangible impact their education can have on the real world.

Through these interactions, our students receive a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom, preparing them not just for degrees, but for life. The symbiotic relationship between current students and alumni reinforces the department's strong sense of community and fosters an environment of continuous learning.

Join us in celebrating the power of alumni interaction, as we unite past and present scholars in a shared pursuit of excellence, innovation, and a brighter economic future.
2022 Vanshika Jain M.A Eco ISID, New Delhi Research Assistant
2022 Shubham Aggarwal M.A Eco, New Delhi Client Delivery Consultant
2022 Partha Pratim Nandi M.A Eco Google(client), New Delhi Associate Research Analyst

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