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  • Dr. Harsha Devnani

    Ph.D. Nanomaterials & Electrochemistry, School of Sciences, Program-Chemistry

    Currently working as an Assistant Professor-Chemistry at Manav Rachna University. “The B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry and M.Sc. Chemistry program is a rich blend of the science and advance applied science courses. The well-designed courses enabled me to gain insight on various aspects of sustainable development and design as well as the skills and knowledge required to sustainability goals. The research facilities and opportunities offered to me as faculty has really helped me to grow in my career. During my time at the department, I received multidisciplinary training and built a strong network of colleagues (i.e., students, professors, and national lab contacts) that have all served me well at various points in my career. Manav Rachna University is the best workplace for your professional growth.

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  • Ms. Moditma

    PhD – Materials Science (Thesis submitted), School of Sciences, Program – Physics

    Manav Rachna University has been my first workplace, where I joined towards the end of my PhD degree, and I can confidently say that the University provides a conducive environment for the professional growth of its employees. The University adopts a systematic approach to all aspects of the teaching-learning process, with the lectures, tutorials, evaluation schemes and all technical/non-technical events planned before the commencement of the session, allowing both the students as well as faculty members to demonstrate their skills to the maximum. With various MOOC courses, career development courses, conferences, expert talks and student activities in the place, the curriculum is well-designed to encourage all-round development of the students. The Department of Sciences, in particular, pays extra attention towards providing access to the best research opportunities to meritorious students, with research collaborations and student visits to various reputed national and international laboratories, allowing students to secure PhD positions at top universities across the globe. With continuous efforts towards enriching the University Instrumentation Centre with the best of scientific equipments, the University is indeed a great place for young Physicists like myself to continue with quality research along with the teaching assignments. With a bunch of great faculty members, remarkable in their respective fields and equally friendly in their attitude, needless to mention the University infrastructure, we look forward to inviting bright young students at the Department for pursuing higher education in the fields of their interest.

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  • Dr. Bhawna Singla

    PhD-Statistics, School of Sciences, Program-Mathematics

    Currently working as an Assistant Professor-Mathematics at Manav Rachna University. It’s a great privilege for me to work with Manav Rachna University.The university has enriched my teaching experience by bringing together faculties with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The work life balance is truly achievable here. The teaching and learning process is so much accomplished with the latest technology and laboratories. The university promotes research work and motivates faculty and students to participate in technical as well as non technical events, workshops, seminars etc. The University also provides unique opportunities to educate, train and support its community fulfilling the vision and mission of the University. I really feel blessed to be a part of this outstanding university .

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