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M.Tech. – Automation and Robotics in association with Mitsubishi Electric India

This programme is offered in association with Mitsubishi Electric India as a Knowledge Partner.


M.Tech. (Master of Technology) program in Automation and Robotics that is being offered in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric India as a knowledge partner. The program is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of automation and robotics, with a specific focus on practical applications and industry relevance.

Having Mitsubishi Electric India as a knowledge partner the program benefits from their expertise, resources, and potentially even industry connections. Mitsubishi Electric is a well-known global company that specializes in various fields, including industrial automation and robotics, so their involvement could enhance the program's quality and relevance.

Students enrolled in this program will be to learn about various aspects of automation and robotics, such as control systems, sensors, actuators, machine learning for automation, robotic kinematics, industrial robotics, and more. The program may include theoretical coursework, practical lab sessions, projects, and potentially even industry internships to provide hands-on experience.

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