Dr. Kiran Gupta

Associate Professor School of Education and Humanities.

Manav Rachna University justifies its name to the hilt. The University not only produces excellent professionals in various fields but also moulds its students as GOOD HUMAN BEINGS. The most glaring part of the university is its ambience. The campus is filled with lush green flora and fauna which is a treat to the eyes of the beholders. The University campus along with its beautiful surroundings enhances the learning environment. This university provides various platforms to its teachers as well as its students to explore their abilities and skills; be it in academics, co-curricular and Research. The camaraderie between International and national students, multi-lingual friends and a student-friendly environment are key features that attract students to this university. The students here are privileged to experience and utilize the latest and scientific sports equipment. The Sports Science Centre set up by the university adds another feather to its cap. It is not only a world-class facility for the students, teachers, and staff of Manav Rachna Educational Institutes but for aspiring sports persons from the vicinity too. No wonder Manav Rachna has produced shooting Champions of International repute through the superb training opportunities within the campus with highly sophisticated equipment and skillful trainers. There is something spell-binding and special in the ambience of Manav Rachna University which makes every student and teacher proud of its integral and important part!


Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Dwivedi

Associate Professor, School of Education and Humanities

I joined Manav Rachna Family as an Assistant Professor in the year 2011 and have 12 years of teaching and 5.5 years of research experience. I was promoted as Associate Professor in January 2022. My areas of specialization are Comparative Literature, Indian English Writing, English Language Teaching, and Soft Skills. I love to teach and train students for their competency in the English language and English literature. The teaching, learning, and research environment here at Manav Rachna University is very encouraging and soothing. The responsibilities assigned to me made me learn a lot here. I may be contacted at akhilesh@mru.edu.in.


Dr. Ritu Sharma

Associate ProfessorSchool of Education and Humanities

The above verse is the one that was chanted as the Guru and shishya would together embark on their journey into learning and wisdom. The verse symbolises a mutual prayer they would both utter for each other that God should bless them with good health and that they would never allow any feelings of envy to crop up between them. I vehemently believe in the above verse. I believe that when there is mutual respect only then can an exchange of ideas take place. The holistic progress of the students is a top priority for not only me but also each faculty member at Manav Rachna University.

We provide students with a platform to experience by themselves, to explore hands-on and thereby leading them towards responsible citizenship. My role at the University is that of a facilitator and mentor more than any other. As a teacher-educators, my focus is on ensuring their pedagogical skill and content but more than that an attitude of empathy I must say that I am proud of each student of mine and am sure of their bright future ahead.


Dr. Savita Sharma

Associate Professor, School of Education and Humanities

It has been truly an enriching journey as a teacher educator and has been part of the School of Education and Humanities, Manav Rachna University. Interdisciplinary and research-orientated approach, positive organizational ethos and inspiring leadership have honed my professional skills and expertise with multiple opportunities for growth and diverse exposure, facilitating the optimization of my potential as a professional.


Ms. Eram Aziz

Assistant Professor, School of Education and Humanities, MRU

School of Education and Humanities, Manav Rachna University has provided me with a highly professional work environment with a world-class standard. I am proud to be a part of the education department that strives to take eloquent steps to transform our core philosophy and values into effective action. I feel privileged to be an integral part of such a proficient and progressive workforce. The things that I find most satisfying are the unending prospects of learning, performing out of my comfort zone and the endless support from the head and colleagues. Our strength is our teamwork and collaboration. In any given situation you can seek help from your colleagues, as they are extremely supportive and cooperative. I look forward to being associated with this organization for many more years.

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