Webinar on

06 Jan 2022


Resource Person:

  • Dr. Allard Jan van Marle, Université de Montpellier, France

Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Associate Professor, delivered a welcome address and introduced the resource person, Dr. Allard Jan van Marle. Dr. Allard started with a brief introduction about Astrophysical plasma systems and a brief discussion on some unsolved research problems therein. He discussed potential numerical methods to solve large-scale astrophysical plasma systems in laboratory frames. He combined magneto-hydrodynamics and particles in cell methods to solve such large-scale systems. He further emphasized that these simulations are computationally expensive. A high-performance computing facility becomes necessary to handle 3D simulations of these large astrophysical systems. It was an interesting talk. Several questions were asked during the webinar, and the speaker humbly answered all the questions.

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