Webinar on “Interferometry based Microscopy for cell biomechanics”

05 May 2020


Resource Person:

  • Dr. Vijay Raj Singh, Laser biomedical research Centre, NIT Cambridge, USA

Department of Physics, organized a research webinar on "Interferometry based microscopy methods for cell biomechanics" on 5th June 2020 through zoom platform. The lecture in this webinar was given by Dr. Vijay Raj Singh, Laser Biomedical Research Center, MIT, USA. Dr. Vijay delivered a webinar on the topic “Interferometry based microscopy for cell biomechanics”. He discussed a new confocal reflectance interferometric microscope that gives 1.5 microns depth resolution and better than 200 pm height measurement sensitivity for high-speed characterization of nanometer-scale nucleic envelope and plasma membrane fluctuations in biological cells. It will enable the researchers to use these fluctuations to understand key biological questions, such as the role of nuclear stiffness in cancer metastasis and genetic diseases.

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