Webinar cum workshop on “X-ray Scattering and its applications in Nano & Material Science Research”

11 May 2020


Resource Person:

  • Dr. Byeong Hyeon Lee, Staff Scientist and Specialist in & D of X-ray machines, KIST, Seoul, South Korea

In this webinar-cum-workshop, Dr. Lee discussed the X-ray generation and X-ray diffraction from the Nano, Bulk and polymer materials. He explained the calculation of Nano-particle size and strain in the Nano-wires and thin films using the X-ray diffraction. Online Training of the modern and sophisticated X-ray scattering machines of Bkuker D8 and Rigaku Dmax was provided to the M.Sc/B.Sc students by explaining/demonstration of the X-ray generation section, Sample monitoring section

and X-ray collection sections. Distinguished faculty members and students from M.R.U. and other institutes/universities/colleges also joined the webinar like; IUAC New Delhi, KIET Engineering College Ghaziabad, SSLD Girls Engineering College, Aligarh. A lively question and answer session followed the webinar where all the audience members asked deep and meaningful questions. Dr. Byeong Hyeon Lee's research knowledge and instruments demonstration were appreciated by the audience and there were requests to conduct more such sessions. Faculty members of the Department of Physics are grateful to Dr. Byeong Hyeon Lee for delivering such a wonderful talk and all the members of the panel as well as the audiences for making this webinar a success!

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