Thrust Areas

Department of Social and Political Studies

Sr.No. Faculty Name Area Of Research
1 Dr. (Prof.) Anandajit Goswami Economics of Sustainability, Energy Economics, Energy Policy and Transition, Development Economics, Ecological Economics
2 Dr. Bhavna Kataria Sociology of work and organization, women's studies, gender and labour in global workplaces
3 Dr. Twinkal Dogra Public Administration & Public Policy
4 Dr. Vishal Sagar International Relations, International Organization
5 Dr. Sundaresha D S Alternative education, Conflict, Violence, Cities
6 Ms. Anima Puri International Relations, West Asian Politics, Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
7 Mr. Upmanyu Basu South Asian Studies , Ethnic Conflict and Federalism
8 Mr. Anand Kumar Mishra Maritime strategy, International Relations, Nuclear Strategy
9 Dr. W.S. Machutmi Land, Tribe, Agrarian Structure, Gender, Ethnicity, Environment, Globalization and Social Change
10 Dr. Prashant Chaudhary Criminology and Correctional Administration

Department of Psychology

Sr.No. Faculty Name Designation Mail Id Area Of Research
1 Dr Shailaja Pokhriyal Associate Professor Clinical, Organisational Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology
2 Dr. Khusboo Assistant Professor Sport psychology, Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology
3 Dr. Supriya Srivastava Assistant Professor Health psychology
4 Dr. Payel Dey Ghosh Assistant Professor Developmental Disability, Cognitive Psychology
5 Dr. Divya Dhawan Assistant Professor Counseling Psychology, Positive Psychology, Clinical Psychology
6 Ms. Divyani Khurana Assistant Professor positive psychology, stress and psychological issues of young adults, females, minority groups
7 Dr. Riddhi Agrawal Assistant Professor Adolescent psychology and interventions
8 Dr Anika Magan Assistant Professor Positive Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Geriatric Psychology
9 Mr. Bahniman Boruah Research Associate Interpersonal relationships, Behavior and emotional problems, Adolescents

Department of Economics

Sr.No. Faculty Name Area Of Research
1 Dr. Durairaj Kumarasamy Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Regional Integration, Production Network, Finanical Development, Applied Econometric
2 Dr. Preeti Singh Public Economics & Industrial Economics
3 Dr. Puja ChopraSmall Scale Industries, International Trade
4 Dr. Manisha Nayyar Public Finance
5 Ms. Taniya Sah Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Health Economics
6 Mrs. Divya Jain Environmental Economics, Game Theory
7 Mr. S.Prasham International Security Studies; Defense Economics; Theories of International Relations; Microeconomic Theory and its application in International Relations; International Trade Theory. Area Studies: Indian National Security; US Studies; West Asia (Israel’s Foreign Policy); Chinese Studies

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