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Embark on a transformative journey with the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences (SBSS), where our unwavering commitment lies in shaping adept learners through innovative and personalized approaches. Rooted in a set of core principles, our goal is to foster competence in learning, employment, and entrepreneurship while nurturing values that define us.

Guided by the principles of academic autonomy, open-minded exploration, fearless experimentation, creative ingenuity, steadfast reliability, unwavering optimism, resilience, and a deep-seated ethos of service, SBSS is dedicated to crafting a distinct educational experience.

In contrast to traditional knowledge-centric models, we champion a holistic paradigm. We prioritize the domains of "Doing" – practical prowess – and "Being" – a profound sense of identity and purpose. Beyond analytical knowledge, our students are empowered to actively engage with discussions on mental well-being, democratic ideals, urban dynamics, technological evolution, economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, global interconnectedness, inclusivity, and the celebration of diversity.

Our educational philosophy is firmly grounded in the essence of humanity, ethical consciousness, cultural appreciation, gender inclusiveness, community integration, social responsibility, and immersive, collaborative, experiential learning through hands-on projects. The ultimate aspiration at SBSS is to equip students with the tools to navigate a dynamic society with insight, making meaningful contributions. We advocate for the fusion of intellect and emotional intelligence, nurturing empathy and compassion to drive transformative change on a global scale. Through cultivating their knowledge, honing their skills, and broadening their horizons, we are shaping forward-looking leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals poised to enact impactful and constructive societal changes.

As you step into the vibrant campus of MRIIRS, we extend a warm invitation. Your dedication to our shared mission of nurturing excellence is bound to sow the seeds of greatness, as we endeavor to prepare exceptional future professionals from India to excel on the global stage. With the most heartfelt wishes for your upcoming journey.

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Sector – 43, Aravalli Hills, Delhi – Surajkund Road, Faridabad – 121004, (Haryana), India