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FAQs – Commerce & Business Studies

B.Com (Hons.) & B.Com (Hons.) Industry Integrated 

Q1. Do you have any course in commerce?
Ans. Yes, we have two Under Graduate courses in commerce namely, B.Com(Hons), B.Com(Hons) Industry Integrated.

Q2. What is B.Com(Hons.) Industry Integrated?
Ans. B.Com(Hons.) – Industry Integrated Programme runs in tie up with industry partner (KPMG).

Q3. What is the difference between B.Com(Hons.) and B.Com(Hons.) Industry Integrated?
Ans. B.Com(Hons.) – Industry Integrated Programme includes KPMG Course for Accounting Professionals (KCAP) to be delivered by KPMG Expert with 100% placement assistance. B.Com(Hons.)- is similar to B.Com(Hons)-Industry Integrated except that it excludes KCAP subjects and the admission procedure is same for both courses.

Q4. Are the faculty members for B.Com(Hons) and B.Com(Hons) Industry integrated same?
Ans. The faculty members are same but the specialized papers of B.Com.(Hons.) Industry Integrated are being taken up by the experts from Industry.

Q5. Is there any difference in the degree awarded for B.Com(Hons) and B. Com(Hons) Industry Integrated?
Ans. No, there is no difference in the degree. You will be getting three year bachelors degree in both the cases. However, you will get an additional certificate after successful completion of the B.Com(Hons.) Industry Integrated programme.



Q1. Do you have any PG course in commerce?
Ans. Yes, we have one PG course in commerce namely, Master in Commerce.

Q2. Are there qualified faculty members available to teach M.Com at MRIIRS?
Ans. Yes, we have good number of qualified faculty members in the Department to teach M.Com subjects as per curriculum

Q3. Is there any scope to Ph.D after M.Com?
Ans. Yes, we offer Ph.D Programme in various specializations in Commerce.

Q4. Whether sufficient reference books are available in Library?
Ans. The Manav Rachna Library is an invaluable resource for students, researchers and faculties of commerce.

Q5. Is there any support provided for job search?
Ans. There is a dedicated unit of department namely Corporate Resource Centre (CRC), which extends all type of help in inviting the industries and arranging campus placements for the students

Q6. How and where does the Institution provide placement to the students?
Ans. Placement Assistance: A separate centre (Corporate Resource Centre) is established to facilitate the placement activities and provide opportunities to the students at the campus.

Apart from this, our courses are designed in collaboration with industries in a manner so as to facilitate the placement of our students who successfully complete the course.

Q7. Does the course include any soft skills / personality development training?
Ans. Soft skills and personality development sessions are an integral part of the curriculum.

BBA General

Q1. What is unique about your programme being offered at Department of Business Studies, FCBS?
Ans. We have a team of sincere, dedicated, qualified (as per UGC norms) and experienced faculty members. The Team is drawn from academia and industry both.

  • State-of-the-art resources, teaching-aids and infrastructural facilities.
  • Mentoring and counseling done to help the students achieve the best in punctuality, academic and other non-academic activities.
  • Tools of mentoring and counseling to ensure cross verification of the students’ understanding of the subject
  • Personality development, a priority which is facilitated with workshops for communication skills, quiz, debates, specialized clubs, guest faculty lectures, extension lecture ,industrial visits etc.
  • Students’ performance is assessed on the basis of well- defined parameters.
  • DBS, FCBS has collaboration with reputed institutions, in specialized areas to guide students on the latest practices in the relevant domain.
  • Tie up with reputed organizations such as KPMG, ICICI to inculcate placement oriented skills and knowledge
  • Students are taught by the academicians and professionals in a manner compatible with the industrial and service sector demands.
  • In order to help the students transit easily from the academic institution to corporate, the students are given understanding with illustrations and contextual learning.

Q2. How and where does the Institution provide placement to the students?
Ans. MRIIRS has developed its own Corporate Resource Centre which not only hunts for suitable placements throughout the year but guides the students to prepare for specific placement

The top companies guide the students to complete the internship/ summer projects appropriate to their demand for further placement.

Above all, the courses are designed in consultation with industries which facilitate placement immediately after completion of the course.

Q3. What is the average pay package after BBA programme?
Ans. The pay package ranges from Rs. 2.00 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs depending upon the students overall performance in the interview and suitability.

Q4. Is there 100% placement in BBA programme?
Ans. University strives hard to motivate and provide exposure through its own resources so that placement could be as high as possible. Majority gets absorbed who opt for jobs after completion of BBA.

Q5. Does your university have tie-ups with other organizations for project training or internships?
Ans. University is critical about the selection of the organizations where the students are sent for internship and training programme. The university has collaboration with several institutions in advanced countries like UK,  USA, New Zealand etc to impart additional or further studies.

Q6. Does the course include any soft skills / personality development training?
Ans. Soft skills and personality development programme are embedded in the course structure.

Q7. Besides MBA, what other post graduation courses can be done after BBA?
Ans. Students are at ease to pursue any post graduate course which provides them better opportunities. However,MBA is the most sought after.

Q8. Are the students eligible for Civil services or other national exams after completing BBA/BCA from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (formerly MRIU)?
Ans. Yes.

Q9. Are facilities for extra-curricular activities available?
Ans. University is icon in the sphere of sports and culture and hence the participation of the students is encouraged. Besides, there are clubs for the development of hobby and cultural advancement. University is frequently organizing shows in which band and orchestra of high standard is used. Students in the past have participated in inter college and intra college sports and cultural activities and have won many prizes.

BBA (Global) – International Business

Q1. What kind of tie-up MRIIRS has with AIS New Zealand for BBA (Global) – International Business?
Ans. Auckland Institute of Studies is one of the premier institutions at world level and has been specializing only in tertiary education. It has been providing NZQA Accredited Diploma, UG and PG programme. The MBA programme of AIS is the largest. MRIIRS has partnered with AIS and has been following the curriculum accredited by AIS for BBA(Global) IB course.

Q2. Are students after completing BBA (Global) International Business  eligible for getting admission in MBA Programme?
Ans. Students qualifying the BBA(Global) IB are eligible for joining MBA programme anywhere. Courses taught here are  of great help to the students for enrollment in MBA programme.

BBA (Banking and Financial Markets)

Q1. What is BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) course?
Ans. BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) course is of three years duration has its genesis in the expansion of banking and financial sector.

Q2. Please let me know the speciality of the course?
Ans. The course is designed to expose the students to new world of banking and financial market. The course is enriched with the latest practices in the specific industries besides there is general touch of all the topics of routine nature like organization behavior, marketing etc.

Q3. In what way the students can gain from the course?
Ans. BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) course covers all the fundamentals of management and business administration besides banking and financial Markets.

Q4. Please let me know the job prospects in the course?
Ans. The course is designed  that the companies prefer to select such students as beginners in corporate world and banking sector.

Q5. How is the BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) useful in the overall career in banking sector?
Ans. The course is comprehensive in respect of latest techniques used in banking and other financial institutions and hence students develop interest in the domain areas and find it useful in the working profession as well as to continue higher studies. Mostly students have the potential chance of taking placement in the prominent private banks but nonetheless on competition they can make their way in the public sector banks also.

Q6. What are the banks in which students of BBA (Banking) are likely to their internship in?
Ans. The proposed shelf of banks chosen for internship is as under:

  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Standard Charted  Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra  Bank

Q7. What was the need to change the nomenclature of BBA (Banking) to BBA (Banking and Financial Markets)?
Ans. Over the period of time India has been making a mark in the domain of financial institutions which are really critical in the Indian scenario. MRIIRS considered extending the contents further to cover financial markets also.

Q8. Is the course outline same for BBA (Gen) and BBA (Banking and Financial Markets)?
Ans. The core contents are same for both the courses but BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) is fortified with additional course exclusively devoted to banking industry.

Q9. Are the faculties for BBA (Gen) and BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) same?
Ans. In house faculty for both the courses is same except faculty/experts from ICICI Direct who are also visiting to teach specialized paper in BBA (Banking and Financial Markets)

Q10. Whether MRIIRS is competent to deliver the BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) course independently given the fact that the subject is evolving at unimaginable pace?
Ans. MRIIRS has signed MOU with ICICI Direct, which is educational vertical of ICICI and is responsible for providing the facility for delivering the sessions related to the course.

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