FAQs for Hostels

Q-1. Do Manav Rachna have hostel facility for students?

Ans.– Yes, there are Four Hostels, boys and girls, off campus, as well as on campus, catering for different needs of our students.

Q-2. How many hostels do Manav Rachna have?

Ans.– The Institution has two  “In Campus Boy’s Hostels” and one“In Campus Girls Hostel”  and one “Off Campus Hostel for Girls”.

Q-3. What is the capacity of your hostels for boys and girls?

Ans.– The capacity for girls is 277 and 440 for boys.

Q-4. Are there A/C and Non A/c rooms for hostellers?

Ans. – Yes, we have both A/c and Non A/c rooms.

Q-5. What is the process of allotment of seat?

Ans.–  Allotment is on the first cum first serve basis, usually, when the number of applicants are more than the number of hostel seats, a waiting list is drawn up and allocation is as per the list and availability arising.

Q-6. Do you have hostel accommodation with attached/ Common bathrooms?

Ans.– We have accommodation with both attached and common bathrooms.

Q.-7.What is the sharing capacity of rooms in hostels?

Ans.–  We have two seater, four seater rooms for boys and two seater, three seater and five seater for girls.

Q-8.  What are the charges for hostels?

Ans – Check Hostel Tariff for 2024-25

Q-9. What types of facilities do you provide to the hostellers?

Ans.–  Facilities include 24x7security, 24×7 power back up, 24×7 internet connectivity, newspapers to individual rooms, laundry, sports facilities, First Aid and medical facilities.

Q-10. Do you have separate mess for girls and boys?

Ans.–  Yes, we have separate mess for girls and boys.

Q-11. How many meals are provided ?

Ans.–  Four meals, which includes Breakfast ,Lunch , Evening Snacks and Dinner.

Q-12 What is the quality of food ?

Ans.– The university engages mess facilities contract companies each year based on parameters and performance evaluation of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Currently, “Caterman Cuisine Concepts Pvt. Ltd. are providing the services. The menu is drawn in consultation with representatives of students and other experienced staff. Highest quality of food is maintained and strict hygiene standards are adhered to.

Q -13 Do you engage the hostellers in other activities also?

Ans.–  To provide a healthy competitive and diverse cultural learning environment ,there are committees for cultural and sports activities. Meetsare organized alongside other special occasions regularly. Hostels organizes almost all festivals celebrated across the country. The Hostel is a platform for the students to develop all their talents. Hostel Day is organized with variety of entertainment programs. It is indeed a spring board for many to begin well.

Q-14 What type of basic infrastructure has been provided to the hostellers?

Ans.–  A basic bed with mattress, study table, chair and cupboard is assured to every boarder with air conditioning / Non A Calongside attached bath / Common facility as opted for.

Q-15 Are there any regulations of timings for the hostellers?

Ans.–  Yes, hostellersare expected to finish off their day’s outdoor engagements by 1900 Hrs( 7 PM) during winters and 2000 Hrs (8PM) during summers. The parents/ guardians are expected to inform minimum 2 days in advance through Registered Mobile Number in case of any variation. The institution follows this policy strictly.

Q-16 What is the system or process for hostellers to visit their home town?

Ans.– Every parent/ guardian is expected to register authorized signatures and mobile number at the time of joining the hostel. The parents / guardians are contacted for verification on the listed RMN for any authorized movement of the hostellers.

 Confirmatory calls from Hostel Wardens are made to the guardian for authorizing movement of their wards. The Mobile Numbers of Hostel Wardens are displayed on the Notice Boards. Applications can be moved over e-mail and WhatsApp. Application directly received from hostellers are also shared with parents and confirmation sought.

Q-17 How are the hostellers expected to make sundry purchases for day to day use?

Ans.–  We provide college transport once in a month to the hostlers to purchase utility items. However WH Smith , a departmental store is located in the campus.

Q.-18 If some hosteller falls sick or gets injured, what actions are taken by the administration ?

Ans.–  We have First Aid Medical Kit available in each hostel. We also run OPD  between Monday – Saturday  during day time and a Medical practitioner is available to provide free of cost consultation to the hostellers

We have a 24*7 facility of ambulance to take the ailing patient to the hospital in the proximity of the college. . Hostel Wardens are expected to accompany the injured and infirm in ambulance and medical attention delivered according to doctors.

In case of any medical emergency, the parents of the student are contacted immediately to come and take care of their wards. 

Q-19 Do you have Medical Insurance policy for hostellers?

Ans.–  Yes, all the hostelers are insured for mediclaim including Personal Accident insurance up to a specified value.

Q-20 What about ragging?

Ans.–  Manav Rachna is a  ragging free zone  in  hostels as well as in Campus. The different committees have been formulated for this purpose. The University has zero tolerance policy strictly in compliance with Honorable Supreme Court /Gov. of India /UGC/ AICTE/ State Gov. Regulations.

.Q-21 Can the hostler keep vehicle in the hostel?

Ans.–  Yes, the hostler can keep vehicle in the hostel with the written permission from the competent authority.

 Q- 22 Do you have laundry facility in the hostel?

Ans.–  Yes we have Laundry facility in the Hostel. Facility is provided with nominal charges. Both wet cleaning and ironing are offered.

Q -23 What about the security of our students who are in the hostel?


Security Guard: The entire campus is highly secured, so are the hostels. Nobody can enter the hostel without permission as we have deputed 24*7 professional security guards to avoid any untoward incidence.  

Electronic Surveillance: The entire campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras round the clock.

Visit of Hostel: There are regular rounds of hostel warden in morning and evening sessions. The absentees are followed up and anyone found ill is taken to the hospital, if need be and special care is taken including his/ her meals.

Night attendance: There is Night attendance of all inmates, just before retiring to bed; we have a provision to take attendance of hostellers. Anybody, found missing in the hostel, is immediately brought to the attention of the parents over phone.

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