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Q1. What is the additional support on personality development provided to the students over and above their regular course?

Ans. At Manav Rachna, we strongly believe in fostering capable individual who have well- groomed personality to face the corporate world with a lot of confidence. We have a dedicated team of experts in our department Corporate Relations and Career Management Centre who use the most modern learning pedagogy to hand hold the students in grooming their personality.

Q2. Are these sessions charged separately?

Ans. These are complimentary sessions to the students.

Q3. Are these sessions part of the curriculum?

Ans. Majority of the sessions are embedded in the curriculum. While in the first year there is a special emphasis on enhancing professional communication skills, in the later semesters the focus goes on to developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence, time management skills, team building etc. The final year is focused on enhancing employability skills especially developing Interviewee skills, group discussion skills, resume writing etc.

Q4. What other initiative are taken to make the students job- ready?

Ans. Job- Readiness of the students is immensely dependent on two factors

  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills

With specific recruiters and their campus selection process in mind, our teams work collaboratively. Several refresher crash courses are organized time to time to reinforce these skills learned throughout the semesters.
Below are some of the other initiatives taken by teams
Career Breakthrough:  Students aspiring for their campus placement drive are given an opportunity to participate in the MOCK Placement Drive called Career Breakthrough. They go through the entire process of campus placement starting from their Quantitative Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Extempore and Panel Interview.
This is followed by Zero Day feedback and Day 1 coaching, to further augment the employability skills.
Persona:  Students get opportunity to interact with some of the well- known industry experts through the initiative called persona.

Q5. Is there any other company involved in Enhancing Employability of the students?

Ans. We have a very robust team, earnestly working into attracting the best Corporate to our Campus. Over and above this we’ve also collaborated with two leading companies called Aspiring Minds & CoCubes. They have their test series which are recognized and accepted as an approved testing tool by almost all the top MNC recruiters. Students do opt for these tests which give them even bigger platform to approach those companies as well who couldn’t come for Campus Placements.

Q6.How can students opt for these tests?

Ans. The students can opt for these tests in their pre final year at a very nominal fee.

Q7. How can students prepare for these tests?

Ans. These are an all encompassing test which includes, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, technical, and communication questions. Our team makes sure that the students are well trained to take these tests. There are classroom sessions as well as one on one coaching which are of great help.

Q8. What has been the highest pay package offered to a Manav Rachna student?

Ans. Manav Rachna Educational institution has been conferred with ASSOCHAM award for “University with best Placements in India”. Our students have been doing really well in diverse careers across the globe. The highest placement offer last year has been 15 Lakh per annum offered to our CSE student by Amazon.

Q9. What other opportunities are provided to the students at Manav Rachna?

Ans. At Manav Rachna we aim are fostering capable global citizens, in this regard we groom our students on varied skills. From sports, culture, corporate to shouldering social responsibility, MREI students have taken the role of crusaders of change.

They have been making waves in the world by winning Microsoft Imagine Cup for 6 consecutive years. Some of our students have also been invited as guest lecturers in different IITs as well. Project by our students have won First Prize at Yahoo Accenture Innovation Jockey.

One of our students has made it to the finals Microsoft Youth Sparks Challenges. To add, lots of our students have filed multiple patents which is possible because of the multitude of opportunities provided to the students.

Q10.What competitive edge is provided in Manav Rachna?

Ans. Industry academia gap has been haunting almost all the educational institution today. To counter this MREI has entered into numerous collaborations with corporate like, IBM, JBM, Reliance, Mitsubishi, KPMG etc. We recently hosted Start Up Jalsa within the campus to accentuate the entrepreneurship thought process in the students and provide them a first hand opportunity to interact with investors    There are multiple student exchange programmes and academic collaborations with International Universities all of these put together gives a winning edge to our students, thereby enhancing their employability and entrepreneurship capabilities multi-fold.

Aptitude Development

Q1.  What is Aptitude test?

Ans: An aptitude test is a systematic means of testing a candidate’s abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations.

Q2. What are the domains you cater under Aptitude?

Ans: Numerical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude.

Q3. Is this training only for B.Tech students?

Ans: No, the training is designed for all the courses running under MRU & MRIIRS like B.Tech, BCA, MCA, B.Sc etc.

Q4. What is the tenure of this training?

Ans: The training starts from third semester and continuous till the time of placement.

Q5. Is the training same for all courses or being customized course to course?

Ans: Training is customized course to course referring the industry requirements for that respective course.

Q6. Is there a separate department or team for this training?

Ans: CRCMC has an exclusive team that takes care of Aptitude training.

Q7. What are teaching aids being used? Or what is training methodology?

Ans: It includes classroom training, topic wise handouts, course wise & semester wise booklets, online mock tests, assignments, activities, quizzes etc.

Q8. Is this training paid?

Ans: No, there are no additional charges for this training. It is imbibed in the semester training.

Q9. Are there special training programs during placement drives?

Ans: Yes, customized pilot programs and crash courses are organized during placement drives.

Q10. What are the benefits or importance of Aptitude training?

Ans: It enhances cognitive skills. It helps students during recruitments as Aptitude tests are initial screening rounds during placement drives.

Academic Infirmary

Q1. How can the student be helped / coached / guided beyond classroom training?

Ans: CDC department works for continuous support for students’ upliftment. This allows student to come beyond teaching hours and get personalized session by the trainers.

Q2. Is there any window for students who need personalized session?

Ans: We follow customization, every individual is different, and hence the challenges faced by them are also different. The need to address this is altogether different offering for them.

Q3.Are the trainers available beyond classrooms?

Ans: Yes, the trainers are available beyond classroom. The students can also write to us and we try to revert by 24 hours.

Events under CDC aegis (Zenith, Career Breakthrough, Future leaders, GDPRO, CL, Navodaya)

Q1. How do students know that the learnings / knowledge is not vanished?

Ans: CDC believes in continuous improvement of our stakeholders. The event named Zenith is a platform for students to showcase their skills sets, either enhanced or acquired over the period of each session of trainings.

Q2. Is there any platform where students can access them on various skillset?

Ans: Yes, the semester end event named as Zenith.

Q3. What more can be done to enhance the overall learnings?

Ans: Whatever is the take away of the students, is gauged by the faculties across campus. The learning starts from scratch and takes lead to sky.

Q4. Are we doing anything to achieve “holistic learning”?

Ans: CDC training is not limited to classrooms. You live it and you never forget. Experiential learning is a major offering from CDC bouquet.

Q5. How do the students know that they are ready for employers/corporates?

Ans: A month long rigorous serious of the environment provided to the students to understand the mindset of the employers. A cross functional team accesses the students on both technical & HR aspects of job profiles. This is followed by a constructive feedback to work on.

Q6. Does any department give bandwidth to enhance leadership skills & team building?

Ans: Yes, CDC does. The event named as GDPRO gives hands on experience to students to work in a professional manner. Taking ownership and accountability is what we begin from!

Q7. Do we provide any other mainstream course line, either in the form of coaching or training?

Ans: Yes, we do.

Q8. Is any department in the university preparing students for traditional jobs/PSU?

Ans: Yes. The collaboration with Career Launcher is the latest addition in the basket of offerings. This upskills student on diverse group of examinations – CAT, GRE, GATE, Banking, NET, SSC etc. in the campus itself.

Q9. Can students work with trainer for exposure& sense market diversification?

Ans: Yes, they work with trainers.

Q10. Any platform where student/trainer work together in synergy?

Ans: Although there are various methods trainer – trainee are in sync to achieve maximum outcome. But GDPRO and GDPRO Junior are the events where students get real picture of outside world. How to put one across different customers and clients is how they begin the journey from!

Q11.How do we learn/relive the almost disappeared value of empathy?

Ans: CDC believes in learning and training. Navodya is the podium which is laid for the not skilled resource to convert them into skilled human capital.

Communication training (Communication Gym)

Q1. How can a student know that one is doing well with the most spoken language?

Ans: English is a musical language. We train on four dimensions of listening, speaking, reading & writing.

Q2. Is any program equipped to train students in the foundation year on language?

Ans: Yes, communication module. It is termed as different names in various faculties across the campus.

Q3. Is there any platform to gauge four dimensions of communication skills?

Ans: The recent engagement of communication gym in the academic modules is drawing students’ attraction to the classes. Students take practical sessions along theory.

Q4. What about other global languages?

Ans: The answer is MRCFL. Three languages from Asia – Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, three from Europe – Spanish, French & German are offered. Apart from this student can enhance and certify them on English as a language

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