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In the field of Design, several projects and initiatives are undertaken by individuals, academic institutions, research organizations, Research Labs and industry. Common practiced approaches are:

Design CELL

An Innovative extension to the classrooms. Under the direction of the head, we undertake customized consultancy projects from the academic institutions, private organizations and Sectors.

Design cell has inhouse designers working towards the best of both worlds: the industry and academia; the academic inputs as theoretical knowledge and onsite experience as live projects.


Research Projects

Researchers undertake specific projects/ problems to design innovative solutions, and proffer to existing research, knowledge and at times innovations. Interdisciplinary Collaborative inputs are from other researchers, industry partners or within the organizational teams.

Publication and Dissemination

Publishing Book Chapters ,research findings in research papers, thesis and Dissertations are validated, documented in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and technical reports by the Researchers.


The trends and technology deployed by the peers in a form of research and their valid inputs and feedback from them has transmitted the accessibility of research findings and innovation with open access initiatives.

Symposiums and Conferences

A platform offered by research communities, organizations, academia and industry and publishing commettie bequeth the new paradigm, resources, trends, technology in respective areas where they work in collaboration coming together to network and know the innovations and solutions as research findings.

The Design and its research adds up the value for the betterment of the universally accepted solutions and in the favor of the society. School of Design is at the nascent stage in Research and innovation hence the expected outcome will be adding value to the research fraternity of MRIIRS.


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