S. No. Topic Speaker Date No. of participants Coordinator
1 Inherited non-coding RNAs in Zebrafish development Dr. Beena Pillai, Senior Principal Scientist, Integrative and Functional Biology, CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi 17-04-2023 48 Dr. Jayant Maini
2 Development of vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases: Role of immunostimulatory molecules as adjuvants Dr. Ramireddy Bommireddy, PhD, Instructor, 101 Woodruff Circle, Department of Pathology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA. 28-03-2023 55 Dr. Kanchan Bharadwaj
3 Genomics in Research & Diagnostic: A Career Perspective Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Tripathi, Field Application Scientist DGG Group at Agilent Technologies 27-03-2023 64 Dr. Vineeta Sharma
4 Gender Equality and Awareness Dr. Tripti Tyagi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, FMeH, MRIIRS 21-03-2023 52 Dr. Vineeta Sharma
5 C.elegans Genetics Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Assistant Professor, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi 17-03-2023 56 Dr. Jayant Maini
6 Plant Vaccines for Mankind Dr. Pooja Saxena, Team Leader, BlueRock Therapeutics, Canada 09-02-2023 63 Dr. Nidhi Didwania
7 Drosophila Gentics Dr. Prachi Yadav, Scientist (SS1), Division of Genetics, Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 10-03-2023 48 Dr. Jayant Maini
8 Guest Lecture on "Career Opportunites in Patents and Copywrite Industry" Mr. Rahul Bagga, Founder & Managing Director, Aumirah, Faridabad 07.11.2022 55 Dr. Rashmi Rameshwari
9 Guest Lecture on "The Fascinating Facets of Agricultural Sciences" Dr. Muraleedhar S. Aski, Senior Scientist, Division of Genetics, ICAR- IARI, New Delhi 21.11.2022 63 Dr. Jayant Maini
10 Guest Lecture on "Elucidating the role of SIN-3 mediated ROS in the regulation of autophagy, longevity and healthspan in C.elegans" Prof. Daman Saluja, Director, Dr. B R Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi 18.11.2022 73 Dr. Jayant Maini
11 Guest Lecture on “Bioentrepreneurship and supporting ecosystem” Ms. Suman Gupta, Chief Operations Officer (COO), BSC BioNest Bio- Incubator (BBB), RCB, Faridabad 31.01.2022 54 Dr. Kanchan Bharadwaj
12 Guest Talk on “Host-pathogen interactions during SARS-CoV2 infection: insights from virus-host RNA-protein interactome studies” Dr. Milan Surjit, Associate Professor, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,Faridabad, India 13.10.2021 41 Dr. Kanchan Bharadwaj
13 Three-Dimensional Genomics and Epigenomics Dr. Amit Khanna, Senior Scientist-Fluidigm, South San Francisco, CA, USA 18.10.2021 60 Dr. Kapila Kumar
14 Inherited ncRNAs: new players in neuroepigenetics Dr.Beena Pillai, IGIB 27.10.2021 60 Dr. Jayant Maini

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