Usha Chahal

  • Assistant Professor

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Ms. Usha is a dynamic academic professional currently holding the position of Assistant Professor with a notable 3 years of experience. Her primary area of interest lies in the specialized field of Integro-Differential Equations, showcasing a focused expertise in this complex mathematical discipline. As an Assistant Professor, Ms. Usha likely contributes significantly to the understanding and application of integro-differential equations, a field that holds importance in various scientific and engineering domains.
Her relatively short but impactful experience suggests a dedication to both teaching and research, contributing to the academic landscape with fresh insights and a contemporary approach to mathematical problem-solving. Ms. Usha's profile reflects a commitment to advancing knowledge in the specific realm of integro-differential equations, positioning her as a promising and emerging figure in the academic community.

Integro-Differential equation



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 Usha Chahal
  • Qualification Ph.D(pursuing) & M.SC
  • Experience 3 Year

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