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Dr. Rajeev Kumar is an esteemed academic professional, currently holding the position of Associate Professor, with a rich experience spanning 15 years. His diverse areas of interest encapsulate the synthesis of materials, water treatment methodologies, and analytical chemistry. In the field of Material Synthesis, Dr. Kumar likely engages in the creation and development of novel materials, contributing to advancements in material science with potential applications in various industries. His focus on Water Treatment reflects a dedication to addressing the global challenge of providing clean and safe water, where his research may involve innovative approaches to water purification and treatment.
Additionally, Dr. Rajeev Kumar's expertise in Analytical Chemistry signifies his proficiency in the precise analysis of substances, further contributing to the understanding of chemical compositions and processes. Throughout his commendable 15-year career, Dr. Kumar has not only demonstrated a commitment to cutting-edge research but has likely played a vital role in shaping the academic landscape through teaching and mentorship, making significant contributions to the realms of chemistry and environmental science.

Synthesis of material, Water treatment, Analytical Chemistry,







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Dr. Rajeev Kumar
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