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Dr. Anupama Rajput stands as a distinguished and seasoned academic professional, currently holding the position of Professor with an impressive 27 years of experience. Her areas of interest span across the dynamic fields of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Soil Chemistry, and Polymer Chemistry, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive expertise. In the realm of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Dr. Rajput likely contributes significantly to the synthesis and study of organic compounds, playing a pivotal role in advancing chemical knowledge.

Her involvement in Soil Chemistry suggests a commitment to understanding the interactions and transformations of chemical substances in the soil environment, with potential applications in agriculture and environmental science. Furthermore, Dr. Anupama Rajput's expertise in Polymer Chemistry underscores her contribution to the development and study of polymers, essential materials with applications ranging from industry to healthcare. Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Rajput has not only demonstrated a profound dedication to research but has also likely played a vital role in shaping the academic landscape, mentoring students, and contributing to the scientific community with her wealth of knowledge.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry,soil chemistry,polymer chemistry






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Dr. Anupama Rajput
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