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Dr. Angit S is an accomplished academic professional currently serving as an Associate Professor, bringing a fresh perspective to the realms of Relativistic Cosmology and Dynamical Systems. With 2 years of dedicated expertise, Dr. Angit's research likely delves into the intricate aspects of relativistic cosmological models, contributing to our understanding of the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe.

 In the field of Dynamical Systems, Dr. Angit's work likely involves studying the mathematical principles governing the evolution of systems over time, with applications ranging from celestial mechanics to complex physical phenomena. Despite his relatively short tenure, Dr. Angit S has exhibited a commitment to advancing knowledge in these specialized fields, positioning himself as an emerging figure in the academic community with promising contributions to the understanding of the cosmos and dynamic systems.

Relativistic cosmoiogy, Dynamical systems





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Dr. Angit S
  • Qualification Ph.D, NET Qualified
  • Experience 2 Years

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