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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Research Incubator

Research & Innovation Clusters (RICs)

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electrical & Electronics
  3. Computing, Gaming & App. Development
  4. Molecular Biosciences
  5. Nutrition & Health Sciences
  6. Material Science
  7. Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
  8. Civil & Architecture Design

Centres of Excellence (CEs)

  1. Smart Energy Centres
  2. SAP Centres
  3. Mitsubishi Centres
  4. Water Resource Centres
  5. Sky Tester Centres
  6. Automotive Training & Research Centres

It is noteworthy MREI will play host to top researchers from various disciplines who will mentor the students in their effort to enhance the knowledge capital of the nation. The institution promises to imbibe a strong culture of original thinking and out-of-the-box ideas in its endeavor towards becoming one of the best incubators of research in the country.

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