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Service operations management, Service marketing, Consumer behaviour, Advertising and sales promotion, Leadership and team building


22 Years

About Department

Nature has created every child with unique innate qualities. We believe that in this digitally connected global village, we are not creating managers for today but we are nurturing Global Leaders for tomorrow. In today’s world it is responsibility of every teacher to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the taught and provide the enabling environment.

Every young mind imbibes the culture, values and attitude he is exposed to. We lay stress on inculcation of ethics, values and the right attitude. Every leader must have strong Emotional Intelligence and Social Emotional Learning capability. Giving back to the society forms an integral part of our culture. We believe that successful leaders are those who synergise with the environment and undertake sustainable growth.

In Manav Rachna we believe that a good leader is first a great team player. Leaders are born in fields and not in the class rooms. We feel that it is our solemn duty to trigger young minds to come out of their comfort zones, think beyond boundaries, be innovative, develop leadership traits, analytical skills and undertake challenges to lead in the global arena.

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Sector – 43, Aravalli Hills, Delhi – Surajkund Road, Faridabad – 121004, (Haryana), India