Support for Research

The Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) is deeply committed to fostering a culture of research and innovation within its commerce faculty.

Recognizing the pivotal role that research plays in enriching academic knowledge and real-world applications, MRIIRS has established a comprehensive support framework for its commerce faculty members.


Research Grants and Funding

MRIIRS provides dedicated research grants and funding opportunities for its commerce faculty. These financial resources empower faculty members to initiate and conduct research projects that address pressing challenges in the field of commerce.

These grants cover a wide range of expenses, including data acquisition, travel for fieldwork or conferences, equipment procurement, and publication fees. Such financial support eliminates potential barriers and allows faculty members to focus on the actual research process.

Access to Extensive Resources

The commerce faculty at MRIIRS enjoys unrestricted access to a vast array of research resources. The institution boasts well-equipped libraries with an extensive collection of academic journals, books, and research papers spanning various domains of commerce, economics, finance, and related disciplines.

Additionally, MRIIRS provides online access to leading research databases, ensuring that faculty members can explore the latest advancements and insights in their respective areas of interest.


Publication and Dissemination Support

MRIIRS provides comprehensive support for the publication and dissemination of research findings. Faculty members receive guidance on preparing research papers for publication in reputed academic journals, as well as assistance in navigating the publication process.

Additionally, the institution encourages faculty members to present their research at national and international conferences, providing exposure and networking opportunities.

Recognition and Rewards

MRIIRS recognizes and rewards excellence in research among its commerce faculty. Outstanding research contributions are acknowledged through awards, accolades, and opportunities for further career advancement. This recognition not only motivates faculty members to excel in their research endeavors but also contributes to the overall growth and reputation of the institution.


In conclusion, MRIIRS is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant research ecosystem within its commerce faculty. By providing robust financial support, access to extensive resources, collaborative platforms, and continuous learning opportunities, MRIIRS empowers its commerce faculty members to engage in impactful research that contributes to both academic knowledge and real-world applications. This support framework not only elevates the quality of education at MRIIRS but also positions the institution as a hub of innovative research in the field of commerce.

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