The Department of Social and Political Studies fosters vibrant student engagement through a range of enriching avenues. An energetic and dedicated student council propels the department's activities, amplifying the collective voice of our learners. The pursuit of academic excellence is not only encouraged but kindled through a spirited culture of healthy competition, igniting a passion for learning and growth.

Central to our ethos is the cultivation of a robust human value system within our students. This system serves as a beacon, illuminating their remarkable contributions to both society and the overarching mission of the university. As ambassadors of positive change, our students embody the principles we hold dear, enhancing the fabric of the communities they serve.

In line with our commitment to holistic education, the department extends learning beyond borders through Summer School Exchange Programs. These initiatives bridge cultures and broaden horizons, enabling students to glean insights from diverse perspectives and global contexts. This international exposure nurtures well-rounded individuals who are equipped to tackle the complex challenges of the modern world.

In essence, the Department of Social and Political Studies goes beyond conventional education, fostering an environment where students evolve into dynamic and conscientious leaders, poised to make a meaningful impact on society and beyond.

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Sector – 43, Aravalli Hills, Delhi – Surajkund Road, Faridabad – 121004, (Haryana), India