Thrust Areas

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Specialization
1 CS (Dr. )Monika Goel Professor and Dean Income Tax, GST, Micro Finance, Financial Planning, Wealth Management
2 Dr. Jayender Verma Professor and HoD Finance and Accounts
3 Dr. Preeti Chhabra Associate Professor Economics
4 Dr. Simran Kaur Associate Professor Digital Wallets, Stock, Foreign Institutional Investments, International Trade, Marketing Strategies, and Banking
5 Dr. Nidhi Tandon Associate Professor Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Branding
6 Mr. Arun Vashista Associate Professor Digital Marketing, E-commerce
7 Ms. Arkaja Garg Associate Professor Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Ecommerce Services
8 Dr. Anjani Srivastava Associate Professor Financial Planning, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Auditing
9 Mr. Amardeep Singh Associate Professor Economics, Business Management, and Educational Research
10 CS Jyoti P Associate Professor Corporate Laws and Accounting
11 CS Riya Kathuria Associate Professor
12 Dr. Divya Sanghi Professor and HOD Clinical Nutrition
13 Dr Pratibha Singh Professor Food and Nutrition
14 Dr.Gurjeet Kaur Chawla Functional food development Health Promotion , Community Resource Management and Extension
15 Dr.Kommi Kalpana Professor Sports Nutrition
16 Dr. Mahak Sharma Associate Professor Clinical Nutrition
17 Dr. Lakhvinder Kaur Associate Professor Food Science and Technology
18 Ms.Ankita Sharma Assistant Professor clinical nutrition
19 Dr Priya Mishra Associate Professor Food Science and Technology
20 Dr Madhvi Awasthi Associate Professor Food Science and Nutrition
21 Dr.Gurseen Rakhra Assistant Professor Biochemistry
22 Ms.Vandana Garg Assistant Professor Food Science and Nutrition
23 Ms.Srishti Negi Assistant Professor Food Science and Nutrition
24 Dr. Mehak Katyal Assistant Professor Cereal Technology
25 Dr. Sarushi Rastogi Assistant Professor Food Nanotechnology, Dairy Technology
26 Dr Payal Rani Assistant Professor Biochemistry
S. No. Name of the Faculty Member Thrust Areas
1 Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Bansal Concrete Technology; Structural Analysis & Design; Structural Assessment; Sustainable Built Environment
2 Prof. (Dr.) Sadiqa Abbas Solid Waste Management, Groundwater, Multi-criteria decision making
3 Prof. (Dr.) Anjali Gupta Soil Stabilization & Ground Modification, Geoenvironment, Pavement

Subgrade and Site Characterization
4 Dr. Sonal Saluja Waste material management, Traffic management, Intelligent transportation system
5 Dr. Ashish Shukla Advanced Concrete Technology

Geopolymer Concrete

Bacterial Concrete

Structural health monitoring
6 Dr. Lilesh Gautam Self-compacting geoplolymer concrete, Transportation Engineering, Road Safety Analysis, Pavement Analysis
7 Mr. Yaman Hooda Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Vulnerability Analysis, Wind Assessment, Sustainable Concrete
8 Mr. Haobam Derit Singh Structural Design, Concrete Technology, Vulnerability Assessments.
S No Faculty Name Designation Thrust Areas
1 Dr. Naresh Grover PVC MRIIRS & Professor Micrprocessor, Digital Signal Processing
2 Dr. Geeta Nijhawan Asssociate Dean SET & Professor Digital Signal Processing, Speaker Recognition & Speech Processing, Wireless Networks
3 Dr. Abhiruchi Passi HOD & Professor Microwave
4 Dr. Y.K Awsathi Professor Computational Electromagnetics, Antennas, Microwave Engineering, etc.
5 Dr. Umesh Dutta Director MRIIC & Professor VLSI
6 Dr. Vimlesh Singh Associate Professor Microwave Active & Passive circuits, Biomedical Application
7 Dr. Pratima Mehta Associate Professor Wireless Communication, Networking,Digital Electronics, VLSI
8 Dr. Jyoti Verma Associate Professor Wireless Communication, Networking,Digital Electronics
9 Dr. Amana Yadav Associate Professor VLSI
10 Dr. Anand Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Semiconductor Devices/VLSI Circuits and Systems
11 Dr. Namita Kahtpal Assistant Professor Optical Communication
12 Mr. Mandeep Singh Technical Staff Embedded System & IOT
13 Mr. Arun Kumar Goyal Technical Staff Analog & Digital Hardware Design
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Thrust Area
1. Ms. Ritika Singh Hotel Front Office Public Relations Guest Psychology Leadership Women Leadership Marketing Management Academic Excellence Soft Skills Management Hospitality Education Hospitality Administration
2. Ms. Prachi Mor Food and Beverage Services Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality Human Resources Hospitality Training Hospitality Events Managing F&B Company  Hospitality Entrepreneurship 
3. Ms. Nikita Tomar Hotel Housekeeping Human Resources Hospitality Administration Guest Loyalty and Satisfaction Hotel Hygiene and Sanitation  Academic Excellence Hospitality Research Hospitality Education Sustainable Tourism
4.  Mr. Kunal Singh Continental Cuisine Lebanese Cuisine Fruit and vegetable pairing Hospitality Administration
5. Mr. Madhav Sharma Hotel Front Office Hospitality Marketing Industrial Connects Hospitality Research Soft Skills Management Hospitality Grooming and Psychology
6. Mr. William Lee Oriental Cuisine Hospitality Mentorship Menu Designing International Hospitality Culinary Expertise Hospitality Connects
7. Mr. Durgesh Nandan Bakery Expertise Menu Designing Hospitality Connects Patisserie Expertise
8. Mr. Rahul Chandra Food and Beverage Services Hospitality Marketing Hospitality Outreach Hospitality Connect
S No Faculty Name Designation Thrust Areas
1 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Professor Simulation and Modelling, Web Technologies
2 Dr. Rashima Mahajan Professor Signal Processing, Machine Learning, IoT
3 Dr. Kamlesh Sharma Professor Natural Laungauge Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning
4 Dr. Tapas Kumar Professor Digital Image processing, Atificial Intelligence & Machine Leaning
5 Dr. Charu Virmani Professor Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Science
6 Dr. Suresh Kumar Professor Artificial Intelligence
7 Dr. Supriya Panda Professor Soft Computing, Optimization &Algorithms
8 Dr. Deepa Bura Professor Data Mining,Software Engineering, Data Science
9 Dr. Meeta Singh Professor Data Mining, Data Science, Cloud Computing
10 Dr. Poonam Tanwar Professor Machine Learning, Medical Imaging , Data Science , Natural Language Processing, Medical Imaging, Computational Intelligence, Knowledge Representation & Retreival
11 Dr. Poonam Nandal Professor Machine Learning, Data Science, Information Retrieval
12 Dr. Indu Kashyap Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Networks
13 Dr. Mamta Dahiya Professor Data Science, ML, GeoAI
14 Dr. Mahboob Alam Associate professor Data analytics, Machine learning, Big Data, Cloud computing
15 Dr. Nitasha Soni Associate professor .Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing
16 Dr.Savita Associate Professor IOT,wirless communication,microprocessor
17 Dr. Krishan Kumar Associate Professor Data Mining, Data Science, Cloud Computing
18 Dr. Tanvi Gupta Associate Professor cloud computing, Load Balancing
19 Dr. Gini Associate Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision
20 Dr. Ravinder Kumar Associate Professor Python Programming
21 Dr. Srishty Jindal Assisstant Professor artificial intelligence, Database management system
22 Dr. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo Associate Professor Data structure algorithms, aiml
23 Dr. Prashant Dixit Associate Professor AI, Network,
24 Dr. Rosy Madaan Associate Professor Data mining, Data structures
25 Dr. Kritika Soni Associate Professor Cloud security ,network security, Big data
26 Dr. Rachna Behl Associate Professor Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data
28 Dr Pronika Assistant Professor Network Security Management, Computer NEtwork, Database Management
29 Dr. Neha Garg Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Science, Sentiment Analysis
30 Ms.Swati Hans Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Algorithms Design & Analysis
31 Dr. Shefali Singhal Assistant Professor Machine learning, Predictive modeling, Analysis & Design of Algorithms, 3D Animation, Android, Operating Systems, Networking,
32 Dr.Shweta Sharma Assistant Professor Computer Vision,Machine Learning,Image Processing,Deep Learning
33 Dr Priyanka Rastogi Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Big Data
34 Ms. Shobha Tyagi Assistant Professor Security, Image Processing, Computer Graphics
35 Ms. Shivani Pahuja Assistant Professor Information Security, AIML
36 Mr.Sideshvari Dutt Mishra Assistant Professor ML, DL, AI and Image Processing
37 Ms. Tanu Dua Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Soft Computing, Neural Network
38 Ms. Anisha Assistant Professor Machine Learning, IoT
39 Ms. Neha Batra Assistant Professor Green Computing, Machine Learning
40 Mr.Arko Baghchi Assistant Professor CYber Security, Cloud Computing, AI/ML
41 Mr. Kaushal Kumar Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Project Management
42 Ms.Meghna Luthra Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Science & Big Data Anayltics
43 Dr. Monika Assistant Professor Image Processing, Digital Communication
44 Ms. Ranjeeta Mittal Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Design
Faculty Name Designation Thrust Areas
Dr. Sarita Sachdeva ED & Dean Research Environmental Biotechnology
Dr. Prabir Paul Professor Molecular aspects of interaction between plants and human enteric pathogens and Role of ergosterol in functioning of choloroplast and mitochondria of plants
Dr. Manu Solanki Professor Agriculture Microbiology and Environment Microbiology
Dr. Sabiha Imran Professor Medical Biotechnology & Food Biotechnology
Dr. Abhilasha Shourie Professor Abiotic Stress Physiologi in Plants
Dr. Nidhi Didwania Professor Crop Protection, Alternatives to Agrochemicals(Biopesticides), Organic cultivation Practices
Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj Professor Viral genes and genomes
Dr. Shobha Shrivastava Associate Professor Industrial Microbiology
Dr. Rashmi Rameshwari Associate Professor Bioinformatics algorithm and tool design for genomics and proteomics study, Systems biology applications in disease prediction
Dr. Kapila Kumar Associate Professor Host Pathogen Interactions, Genomic landmarks and Biomarkers, Biosensors
Dr Krishna Priya Ganti Associate Professor Atopic disease biology, Adjuvant biology
Dr. Vineeta Sharma Associate Professor Toxico-Epigenetics, DOHaD, Non-communicable Disease
Dr. Jayant Maini Assistant Professor Nutritional Epigenetics, Incomplete Penetrance and Variable Expressivity, Cellular Memory Modules.
Dr. Preeti Nandal Assistant Professor Bioprocessing, Fermentation, Enzyme Technology, Biosensors
Dr. Vineet Kumar Goswami Assistant Professor Fermentation, protein chemistry, enzyme technology, bioprocess engineering
Dr. Vandana Nandal Assistant Professor biofertilizer,PGPRs
Dr. Somya Asthana Assistant Professor Phytonutrients, Food and Drug Interactions
Dr. Charu Rajpal Assistant Professor Environmental sciences, Food sciences.
Dr. Prachie Sharma Assistant Professor Molecular Virology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture sciences
Dr. Sheeba Farooqui Rizwan Assistant Professor Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Dr. Himanshu Joshi Assistant Professor Environmental Biotechnology

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