MRIIC is a seminal initiative of MREI and is dedicated to Founder Visionary Dr. O.P. Bhalla whose dream was to encourage research, innovation and entrepreneurship to help the students to develop professional entrepreneurial ability and mindset to set up their own enterprises. It has been established with a view to cater to the needs of students and faculty members who are inclined towards research, innovation, and novel ideas.

The Centre through its various activities encourages both engineering and non-engineering students across various departments to develop innovative and creative business ideas which in the subsequent stages are incubated to convert into successful enterprises. The Centre is instrumental in coordinating entrepreneurial education so that they develop necessary background to take up viable and feasible start-up ventures. The Centre regularly organizes business plan competitions through which meritorious projects are identified and selected for direct support.

Dr. M.K. Soni
Executive Director

Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney


Latest News


  1. Anjali Gupta, V.K.Arora, Srijit Biswas(2017) “Contaminated dredged soil stabilization using cement and bottom ash for use as highway subgrade fill”;International journal of Geo-Engineering, Springer ‘’ Article 20, Volume 8, Issue-1, Oct 2017. DOI10.1186/s40703-017-0057-8 .
  2. Summer Training programme for Students ​has been started from 5th  June 2017. The students will be provided the training on all the modules of iQR setup. The training is provided by Mitsubishi personal and Faculty members trained by Mitsubishi Electric India.
  3. The Project of EEE students “Intelligent society” Won the 2nd Prize in National Level Project Competition organized by Faridabad Industrial Association (FIA) on 29 April 2017.
  4. The Project “Intelligent Building got 1st Prize in SRIJAN” – the project competition organized in INNOSKILL 2017 by Manav Rachna Educational Institutions on 3rd April.
  5. Dr. Sridhar Kanan Member Nutrition and Health Science Cluster was a  KEYNOTE SPEAKER at Chandra Dental College, Lucknow on 26th April 2017 the topic is “HOW TO WORK SMARTER- ERGONOMICS WAY”.
  6. Ms. Geetali Bajaj’s MSc 4 Nutrition and Dietetics students under Ms. Lakhwinder Kaur in Nutrition and Health Science Cluster research has been accepted for oral presentation at “International Conference on Innovative Approaches  in Applied Sciences and Technologies” at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in June 2017.
  7. Topic of research: Bipolymer Edible Packaging Film: Development of Edible Packaging Film Using Gluten and Green Tea & Its Evaluation.
  8. Total 18 R & D Funded project proposals have been nurtured and successfully submitted to various Funding agencies under Computing Research Cluster.
  9. WATER BEE project cited in 3 Honorable Mentions by Ericsson Innovation 2017 under Computing Research Cluster.
  10. ‘R U SAFE’ Project Team selected in the Top 30 teams which will compete in the National Finals to be held in New Delhi on 24th April 2017  in Microsoft Imagine Cup under Computing Research Cluster.
  11. Ismita Singh (Member Civil and Architecture Cluster) presented paper on “Interrelation, Transactions and Experiential Outcome: Learning in Architecture Design Studio“ in EPITOME’ 2017, International Conference organized by Amity School of Architecture and Planning in March, 2017.
  12. Ms Sunita Bansal (Member Civil and Architecture Cluster) contributed paper  on, “The Paris Agreement, the key outcome of COP 21: Impression for the Energy Sector specifically the Hydropower” HYDRO, Montreaux, Switzerland.

LIVE Projects

Some of the notable innovative projects developed by students at MRIIC are given below:

1.  Project Shwaas
10Shwaas is designed to help anyone who has consumed alcohol to make smarter choices before getting behind the wheel. Shwaas plugs into your smartphone’s headphone jack and after you download the accompanying app and secure the device, all you do is blow into the device to register your BAC (Blood Alcohol Consumption).

2. Dental Posture Correction System

Practicing the art of dentistry requires a high degree of concentration and precision. But awkward postures, repetitious hand movements, and persistent vibration to the hand and wrist from a high-speed hand piece can make practitioners vulnerable to pain, injury. The gadget comes with a mobile phone application to monitor postures and guiding the user for the correct postures.

3. Project’GRIWADITI’
Team Eyeluminati from Manav Rachna won Jury’s choice award for their idea’ GRIWADITI which is an automated,non-invasive and  easily accessible screening tool for Cervical Cancer.Griwaditi is a point-of –care portable imaging device which used advanced optical techniques to produce high resolution magnified images of the cervix. Ithas a unique cervical cancer lesion detection algorithm to quickly screen cervical cancer. The remote diagnostic application allows images to be shared for consultation with experts around the world via a cloud based tele-oncology platform.

4. Solar Driven Car: Award Winning Project
12Solar Driven Car, a final year project of Automobile Engineering department, students of MRIU has bagged the 1st Runner-Up position in the ‘Student Innovator of the Year’ award category at the Indian Automotive Technology and Innovation Awards (IATIA) for the year 2016.
The award was given for application–‘Enhancement of Electric Vehicles with Safety Devices’. The designed and developed vehicle comprises of innovations such as– Ultra-capacitor, Three-dimensionalsolar panel charging, Electronic gadgets (like G.P.S navigation system, overloadingsensing system, security system), Pre-collision indication, Chassiswith impact indicatingsensors, Vehicle to Vehicle communication using Bluetooth, an Automatic roof water collector. Apartfromthese innovations, the team has alsoachieved stable efficiencythrough- charging the batteryfrom  the solar panels, fabricatingvehiclechassiswith high strength-light weightdensity, interfacing the controllerwitharduino to have  lessintake of current and initial power delivers to motor by ultra capacitor to eliminate voltage fluctuation of batteries.

5. Smart Extension Board


In this project a GSM controlled extension board is designed in which switching of the individual sockets can be done from any distance using SMS. An Android App is designed in which different buttons are provided to switch on/off individual sockets of the extension board.

6. Schedulable Extension Board
This extension board comes with a mobile phone application to feed the on/off schedule of the gadget that is connected to the extension board

7. Universal Remote (Android App Based)
Universal Remote can be used to control various appliances such as Television, AC, DVD player etc. The gadget comes with a smart phone app with easy user interface to provide altogether different experience to the user.

8. IOT Based Home Automation System
This system can be integrated with house and industries for providing access to various electrical gadgets over the internet

9. Smart Dust Bin
This dustbin gives audio message. When some garbage is thrown in it. This is a unique gadget which promotes awareness of keeping the environment clean.

10. Real Time Weather Monitoring System
This gadget monitors the humidity & temperature of the environment in real time & the information is sent to a website for graphical display which enables the user to analyse the variations in real time

11. Electric Wheel Chair
This wheel chair comes with a head mounted gadget to provide movement control of the wheel chair . Emergency alert messages can also be sent to the concerned person with the help of a smart phone application

12. Biometric Secured Access System
This system can be integrated with doors to provide secured access any area. The access is provided only to the authorized users whose finger print is registered in the system

13. Smart Skull
This Gadget send alert messages to pre-determined hospitals to provide immediate help to the bike rider who meets with an accident. The location of the accident place is sent to the hospitals in the nearby area with a smart phone app.

14. Gaming Gun
Gaming Gun can be used to play computer games which involves use of Gun & it gives an altogether different gaming experience to the user.

15. Electroseat
A unique seat which comes with a bean bag fitted on a tyre of the car with solar powered charging facility.

16. Black Box for Vehicles
This gadget monitors the speed, location & driving habits of the vehicle in which it is fitted

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