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Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Fee Structure 2021-2022

 Fee Structure for AY 2020-21
  With Tuition Fee, Development Fee, University Fee, Student Resource Fee, Training Partner Fee
FacultyCourse1st Installment 2nd InstallmentProposed Total Fee for AY 2022-23
Tuition FeeDevelopment FeeUniversity Fee*Student Resource FeeTraining Partner FeeTotal of 1st InstallmentTuition FeeDevelopment FeeTraining Partner FeeTotal of 2nd Installment
MRSoETB.Tech [Civil, ECE, BT, EEE, ME)475001500012000245000990004750015000 62500161500
B.Tech [Civil, EEE, ME) with Hons. & Specializations5000018000120002450001045005000017000 67000171500
B.Tech-CSE 6000018000120002450001145006000017000 77000191500
B.Tech- Computer Science and Engineering  with various specializations in association with IBM & Microsoft70000180001200024500325001570007000017000 87000244000
B.Tech-ECE (with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT)  in association with Intel Corporation)50000150001200024500300001315005000015000 65000196500
B.Tech-CSE (Lateral Entry)6000018000120002450001145006000017000 77000191500
B.Tech – Lateral (AE, AU, Civil, BT, ECE, EEE, ME, ME (with sepecialization in Mechatronics))5500018000120002450001095005500017000 72000181500
B.Tech – Lateral Entry- ECE (with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT)  in association with Intel Corporation)60000180001200024500300001445006000017000 77000221500
B.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering  (Lateral Entry)  with various specializations in association with IBM & Microsoft70000180001200024500325001570007000017000 87000244000
M.Tech- 2 years300001000012000140000660003000010000 40000106000
M.Tech – 3 years250006000800010000 49000250006000 3100080000
M.Sc. – Biotechnology          300001000012000140000660003000010000 40000106000
MRSoLSB.Sc.-Microbiology375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
M.Sc.-Microbiology 325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
MRSoCABCA375001800012000190000865003750017000 54500141000
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) with various specializations 35000180001200019000285001125003500017000 52000164500
Bachelor of Science – Information Technology350001800012000190000840003500017000 52000136000
Bachelor of Science – Information Technology  in association with AIZ, New Zealand3000013000120001750025000 + NZ$90097500 + NZ $ 9003000012000 42000139500 + NZ $ 900
MCA400001800012000190000890004000017000 57000146000
MRSoADB.Arch6000018000120002450001145006000017000 77000191500
B.Design6000018000120002450001145006000017000 77000191500
B.Sc.-ID450001800012000245000995004500017000 62000161500
M.Sc.-Interior Design450001800012000245000995004500017000 62000161500
MRSoAHSBPT500001800012000140000940005000017000 67000161000
MPT550001800012000140000990005500017000 72000171000
B.Sc- N&D400001800012000140000840004000017000 57000141000
M.Sc.- N&D400001800012000140000840004000017000 57000141000
B.Sc. Hons. – Food Science and Technology400001800012000140000840004000017000 57000141000
MRSoCBSBBA550001650012000140000975005500012000 67000164500
BBA- Fintech and Financial Markets (in association Bombay Stock Exchange)50000165001200014000165001090005000012000 62000171000
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- Digital Marketing in association with Talent  Edge50000165001200014000165001090005000012000 62000171000
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- Retail and Sales Management in association with Retailers Association’s Skill Council of India (RASCI) + Spencers under Degree Apprenticeship Programme375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
BBA- Global – IB (in association with AIS, New Zealand)3750013000120001400025000 + NZ$800101500 + NZ$ 8003750012000 49500151000 + NZ$ 800
BBA- Global – International Business Management (in association with New Castle, Australia)70000150001200014000500001610007000015000 85000246000
B.Com- Hons.375001800012000140000815003750017000 54500136000
M.Com375001800012000140000815003750017000 54500136000
MRSoMeHB.A – Journalism and Mass Communication400001800012000140000840004000017000 57000141000
B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication (International) in association with Western Sydney University, Australia55000150001200014000350001310005500015000 70000201000
M.A – Journalism and Mass Communication400001800012000140000840004000017000 57000141000
BA- Hons. – English325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
MA – English325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
MRSoMSMBA95000180001200037500240001865009500017000 112000298500
MRSoHMB.Sc. – Hospitality and Hotel Administration450001300012000140000840004500012000 57000141000
MRSoBSSBA/B.Sc.(Hons.)- Applied Psychology375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
BA /B.Sc  (Hons.)- Economics375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
B.A/B.Sc – Liberal Arts375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
B.A. (Hons.)- Political Science375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
B.A. (Hons.) -Sociology375001300012000140000765003750012000 49500126000
M.A/M.Sc – Economics325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
MA/MSc- Applied Psychology325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
M.A.- Public Policy and Public Administration325001300012000140000715003250012000 44500116000
* It includes Life Time Alumni Membership Fee of Rs. 3000/- (One Time at the time of Admission)

MDS Fee Structure

MDS- Fee Structure (for specialization in Conservative, Orthodontics and Prosthodontics)

Particulars1st year 20212nd Year 20223rd Year 2023 
Tuition Fee650000650000650000 
Development Charges150000150000150000 
University Fee300003000030000 
Student Resource Fee120000120000120000 
College Security(Adjustable With Last year fee)50000 
College Security Refund50000 


MDS- Fee Structure (for specialization in Pedodontics & Periodontology)

Particulars1st year 20212nd Year 20223rd Year 2023 
Tuition Fee500000500000500000 
Development Charges120000120000120000 
University Fee300003000030000 
Student Resource Fee100000100000100000 
College Security(Adjustable With Last year fee)50000 
college Security Refund50000 



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