08 Nov 2023

Food Science and Nutrition: Way to go ahead

It is well said that he who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything. People have recognized the importance of health and its maintenance since the world came under lockdown. Prioritizing health has been one of the main focuses of majority individuals. In recent times, there has been a conspicuous shift in how individuals approach their health and holistic well-being. Under the expert counsel of nutritionists and healthcare specialists, an expanding portion of the population is actively modifying their eating habits and embracing wellness-focused lifestyles. This transformation encompasses the practice of informed nutrition choices, integrating physical fitness into their daily lives, and pursuing a comprehensive approach to well-being. If you have a fervor for advocating these values and enhancing both physical and mental health, a profession in nutrition and food science could offer you an ideal avenue to support others in leading healthier, more enriching lives. Enrolling in a B.Sc. and MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics course at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral levels can unlock doors to career prospects within the healthcare sector, granting access to esteemed roles in the realm of nutrition.

One institution at the forefront of this transformative era in nutrition and food science is the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies. Delivering a comprehensive Bachelor of Science (Hons.) program in Food Science and Technology, Manav Rachna imparts students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in this continually evolving domain. Thinking of which career to choose after the degree might be a challenge. Here are some careers that you can explore in the field of food science and nutrition.

Enrolling in a B.Sc. and MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Program in School of Allied Health Sciences at Manav Rachna presents several significant benefits for students. To begin, it provides students with the opportunity to join a continuously evolving sector that has an increasing need for well-trained experts. Upon graduation, individuals can pursue rewarding careers in various areas, such as food production, quality control, research and development, and beyond. Additionally, the program instills a strong foundation in nutrition and health, which is invaluable in addressing the current health-conscious trends in society. Moreover, students at Manav Rachna receive guidance from experienced faculty members and have access to cutting-edge research opportunities, enabling them to make substantial contributions to the field. Overall, pursuing a B.Sc. and MSc. Nutrition and Dietetics at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies provides a promising path to a rewarding and impactful career in the food and nutrition industry.

Thinking of career possibilities to choose after the degree might be a challenge. Here are some careers that you can explore in the field of food science and nutrition.

  • Clinical Dietitian

Clinical dietitians provide patients in nursing homes and hospitals nutritional care. They assess a patient's nutritional needs, create and implement nutrition programs, and compile the final productive outcomes for reporting. The main difference between a clinical dietitian and a nutritional dietitian is how they approach and carry out their work. Clinical dietitians frequently workwith doctors in hospital setting, unlike nutritionaldietitians who primarily trainin hospitals followed byestablishingtheir own business. However, their commongoal is to help patients with long-term, chronic health issues by providing rehabilitative nourishment. Only their educational qualifications differ from those of certified dietitians. Some of the organizations requiring clinical dietitians are well known hospitals- government and private, well known diet counseling chains etc.

  • Sports Nutritionist

The main responsibility of a sports nutritionist is to advise sportsmen and players on how to maintain the dietary patterns that will enable them to perform at their absolute best both on and off the field. By explaining which foods are best for their bodies, they inform and educate the athletes. They are specialists at describing how different meals affect the body. Theyevaluate the kinds of meals and liquids that individuals should take according to their size and build. One must be able to balance food intake and create a training schedule in order to function as a sports nutritionist. apart from a bachelor and master's degree in nutrition, one should also obtain a certified license as a sports nutritionist. Some of the organizations requiring a sports nutritionist are Sports Authority of India, CRPF unit of athletes etc.

  • Recipe Developer

One of the creative nutrition occupations on our list is recipe development. They concentrate on culinary explorations and have created a collection of original dishes with excellent nutritional value. They can work with a reputed food company to create recipes that use their ingredients. For this an individual should have an in-depth knowledge of nutritional values of food, global cuisines, ingredient knowledge etc. The organizations that hire a recipe developer include some of the five-star restaurants, publishing houses, celebrity chefs etc.

  • Food and Wellness Blogger

The growth of social media platforms has provided bloggers with new opportunities to display their inventive approaches with regard to commercial promotion. It is a rewarding job that also pays well. Food or wellness blogging is an option if you have a talent for nutrition and want to combine it with blogging. Some platforms that provide blogging as an option include youtube, Instagram etc.

  • Public Health Worker

Healthcare providers have a main responsibility to raise awareness among the general population, assist in understanding the seriousness of illnesses, and support the best practices for both prevention and therapy. The increase in non-communicable conditions including diabetes, obesity, and hypotension indicates the need for a specific set of public health experts with an emphasis on food and nutrition. This specialized team can closely cooperate with policymakers to formulate recommendations and guidelines. This team can collaborate closely with policymakers to develop guidelines and suggestions.

  • Food Safety Auditor

Food safety officer will make sure that the food we are consuming is favorable. and the supply chain system has been thoroughly examined. Their main priorities include performing inspections, producing thorough reports, and instructing the public on the rules and procedures for maintaining food safety in a production facility. To enter this profession, you should possess a bachelor's degree in fields such as food technology, nutritional technology, agricultural science, or biochemistry. Furthermore, prior experience in a private sector position and certification are mandatory requirements for securing a role within a public organization.

The Concluding Notes

The domain of food science unfolds a vast landscape of opportunities and potential for those who hold a deep passion for nutrition, the culinary arts, and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities. In an industry that continually expands, coupled with a rising demand for specialized expertise and a resolute commitment to innovation and sustainability, careers in Nutrition and Dietetics offer an exceptionally exciting and promising approach. This journey transcends the mere satisfaction of intellectual curiosity; it enables you to actively shape a future that is not just healthier and more delectable but also more sustainable for all. If your heart truly beats for the world of food science & technology and you hold a sincere desire to effect meaningful change, a career in food science serves as your portal, where the realms of science harmoniously coalesce with the art of flavor, and innovation seamlessly combines with nourishment. Your journey in this field promises to be both savory and satisfying.

AUTHOR: Dr. Gurseen Rakhra, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Allied Health Sciences, MRIIRS

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