14 May 2024

Careers in Public Relations: B.A. | M.A. in Media and Communication 

In the media saturated world, the role of media education has become more crucial than ever. Media education has expanded from the study of traditional legacy media of Print, Television and Radio to include fields like Public Relations. The inclusion of Public Relations and Advertising in the domain of Mass Communication, offers more career opportunities now. The programmes at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies focuses on industry integration making students industry ready, with a commitment to social responsibility.

Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses of BA in Media and Communication MA in Media and Communications respectively, in the School of Media Studies and Humanities offer specialization in the domain of Public Relations (PR) Management. Public Relations provides exciting career opportunities to students, and for this a host of skills sets are mandatory in this profession. 

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication trains students in the field of Public relations equipping them with the required skill sets. Let us first understand what a PR professional does and what are some of the important skills required. A Public Relations officer is responsible for managing the reputation of his or her client and handles any crisis in the organization by communicating information to the public, media, and other stakeholders in a persuasive manner. A PR professional is expected to hone several skill sets required to excel in the profession. They are:

1.     Excellent Communication Skills- Communication is the heart of PR and hence a PR personnel must possess outstanding writing and verbal communication skills. The communication skills are necessary to write compelling press releases, and compelling stories for media outlets. The PR personnel also engages with various stakeholders and must therefore be a skillful communicator. Whether it is composing emails, drafting speeches, or delivering a presentation, a PR professional is expected to be able to convey the ideas clearly and persuasively.

2.     Building Media Relations- A PR professional is expected to build and nurture relationships with media and influencers. It is mandatory to understand how media functions and should remain updated with the trends in the industry so that they know how to make a story newsworthy. Building relationships helps in securing media coverage, managing organizational image during crisis and thereby shaping public perceptions.

3.     Research Skills- One of the essential skills required by a PR professional is research as he is expected to gather, examine, and use the relevant information to support the communication strategies. Skills in research include knowing how to analyse databases, surveys, media monitoring, industry reports and skills of social listening. A good PR professional will know how to interpret and use the findings in a meaningful and persuasive way to the target audience.

4.  Strategic Thinking- A PR professional should be able to lead successful campaigns and hence strategic thinking is also an important skill that needs to be developed. Analysing market trends, anticipating potential issues and also developing active strategies to enhance brand reputations are expected of a PR personnel. They also tailor messages as per the objectives and target audience. These actions require strategic thinking.

5.   Managing Crisis- Crisis Management is very crucial in the age of social media, where crisis can escalate very rapidly and damage the reputation of an organization. The role of the PR becomes very important as it is required to be handled swiftly but also under tremendous pressure to mitigate the negative publicity. So quick thinking, foresightedness, adaptability and the ability to communicate clearly and transparently with the stakeholders is very important.

6.     Creative and Innovative- Creativity and innovations are must for a PR personnel if he is to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Creativity will enable us to think out of the box and develop storytelling techniques to capture audience attention. This also gets reflected in producing captivating multimedia content.

7.  Strong Interpersonal Skills - A PR personnel builds strong relationships with clients, colleagues and the stakeholders and hence he is expected to possess strong interpersonal skills, empathy, active listening, and also the ability to resolve conflict. The ability to foster positive relationships is an essential requirement of PR.

These are some of the key skills required to excel in Public Relations. The BA in Media and Communication and MA in Media and Communication with specialization in Public Relations contributes to honing these skills. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of Communication theory, crisis management and media relations. The curriculum is developed in a manner that helps students learn the art of crafting messages with the ability to persuade readers. They learn how to pitch stories to media outlets and build relationships with journalists and media persons. The PG programme delves deeper into advanced topics like digital PR, international communications, and campaign planning. Our programmes also helps in prioritizing the development of strong written and verbal communication abilities and prepare students to effectively convey messages in various media platforms. The students learn to influence social media platforms and analyze digital metrics. These skills enable students to engage audience and to adapt to the evolving digital media landscape.

The students are provided with hand on experience with internships in their specialized area of study, practicums and industry partnerships allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in the real workplace and thereby building a strong portfolio. Since the students engages themselves in practical activities, simulations and projects that reflect the challenges they will encounter in their professional career, they get equipped with the necessary skills to excel in the field. Be it crafting press releases, handling crisis, or developing campaigns in PR, these skills can be directly applied in the professional lives. Focused guest lectures, a collaborative and interactive learning environment with peers, faculty and industry mentors allows students to gain real world insights and build a strong portfolio. Apart from those alumni interactions at a regular basis also builds confidence among students. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and studies develop skill sets that open career opportunities for students in PR agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), corporations and Government organizations.


The BA and MA programmes specialized in Public Relations enhance the PR skills and prepare students for successful careers in the field. Our programmes equip students with the necessary skills, tools and expertise needed to excel in the complexities of the modern PR practices. The programme empowers the student to make a significant impact in the dynamic world of Public Relations.

Courses available in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication(DJMC), Manav Rachna  are:

    B.A in Media and Communication (3 Years)

    BA MC (Honors) (Specialization) (3 Years)

    Print & New Media,

    Digital Media Production

    PR, Advertising & Event Management

    MA - Media and Communication Specialisation (2 Years)

    Print and Digital Journalism,

    Broadcast Journalism and Sports Journalism

    Public Relations Management




Author: Dr. Deep Moni Gogoi, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Media Studies and Humanities (SMeH)

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