Interactive Expert Session On Creative Problem Solving Using Edward De Bono Techniques

The School of Management and Commerce at Manav Rachna University organized a workshop on “Creative
Problem Solving Using Edward de Bono Techniques” in collaboration with the International Skill
Development Corporation (ISDC). Students from the BBA and MBA programmes in Business Analytics
attended the event.
After introducing the Six Thinking Hats and some well-known and intriguing statements, she next
introduced the students to Edward De Bono’s philosophy of creative thinking and problem-solving.
The students were given two questions to solve in the activity and had to come to the appropriate
conclusions for each.
Teresa Jacobs also taught the kids the value of focusing on both good and negative aspects as well as how to
handle both our academic and personal difficulties.
The discussion was very engaging and educational. A few other students also spoke about their perspectives,
and they were overwhelmingly moved by the viewpoints and real-world examples she provided.
Her brief words of inspiration and encouragement brought the session to an end.