Symposium on ‘Environment Protection’ on 28th September 2016

We all are liable for taking care of the environment and many of the threats to the environment come from practices designed / adopted to make human life comfortable as these practices threaten the long-term health and prosperity of humans. Environmental alertness deserves to be propagated in all fields of engineering and technology.

The Symposium on “Environmental Protection” was organised on 28th September, 2016 under the banner of Green Chemistry Club, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad. The aim is to promote Environmental Protection awareness among B.Tech students as well to motivate them for research. The Symposium was very beneficial for students beyond syllabus learning. There was an expert talk to ignite spark and sensitize the present generation towards environment protection. First Year B. Tech students contributed papers (Poster/Oral) based on different themes and useful ideas related to environment. The Contributors were judged on the basis of their presentation, explanatory skills and their understanding of the fundamental basics. Prizes were given to the best performers. Dr. M. K. Soni Executive Director and Dean FET, MRIU was the chief Guest of the Event. The Invited Speaker was Dr. Arun Kumar from IIT Delhi. His talk was very informative and sensitized the first year students to pursue research activities. Total 35 poster and 10 oral presentations (IInd Round) were contributed by first year B.ech students.

The Poster presentation was started at 8.30 AM and all participants expressed the honor to our beloved chancellor Dr. O. P. Bhalla, who had always encouraged young researchers and students for participation in research and innovation. Contributions were related to different themes like Environmental hazards, Sustainable Development, Emerging contaminants and possible solutions, Cleaner Production Methods, Transformation of waste/residues to energy, Utilization of energy sources, Innovative ideas to protect environment, Conservation and management of Natural Resources andElectronic waste management. Col Sachin Marwah (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Ms. Sunita Singh (Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department) judged the poster presentations thoroughly and critically.

After Poster presentations, the event was formally started by lighting of wisdom lamp by the dignitaries present there and Sarsawati Vandana. Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney gave an introductory note about the symposium. He acknowledged that chemistry department has been constantly organizing various events every year to create awareness for environment protection. Dr. M.K Soni sir encouraged the students with his motivating talk. Sir’s motivational talk always inspires the students to participate in different activities and prove their potential. Dr. Arun Kumar from IIT, Delhi; delivered an informative talk on Risks and Benefits of Nanoparticles and shared his research findings with faculty and students. The talk ignited the spark for research in young minds of students. Dr. Arun discussed the fate of nanoparticles in environment and also the environmental implications posed by the nanomaterials. He has also highlighted the future prospects and knowledge gaps of research in the area of risk assessment of nanomaterials.

After the invited talk, excellent oral presentations by first year students were delivered. The presentations were very informative and students spoke very confidently. Judges as well all faculty members present in the symposium appreciated the contribution of students. Dr. R. S. Tarnacha, (HOD, Aeronautical Eng.) and Dr Leena G (Prof., Department of Electrical Engineering) judged the oral presentations. Dr. Devi Singh (HOD, Physics), Dr. Vijay Kumar (HOD, Maths) and faculty of Maths & Physics department also grace the occasion. They mentioned that all presentations were excellent in terms of content, presentation and technical skills. It became difficult for the judges to declare winners as all the contributions were outstanding. Dr. M. K. Soni presented a momento to the guest as a token of gratitude and showered his blessings on students. Soni sir distributed the prizes to the winners. Dr. Soni congratulated the students with his gentle and encouraging words. The first prize of the poster competition was given to Hrishikesh Jangir and Vedanshu Sharma (CSE-I SEM) and second prize was given to Harshit Nanda and Manjeet Singh (Mech -I SEM). The first prize of oral competition was given to Aman Bhardwaj (CSE-I SEM). Second prize was given to Josemon Baby, Meetesh (CSE-I SEM) and Yogita (ECE- I SEM).

After the prize distribution Dr. Jyoti Chawla Head of Chemistry Department gave the vote of thanks to express gratitude to Dr. Arun Kumar for an informative lecture and sharing his valuable time with students. She extended special thanks to Dr. M. K. Soni for always being with the department and encouraging the students as well as faculty to organise such events. She also expressed thanks to Dr Pradeep. K. Varshney for his support and congratulated all the faculty members of chemistry department and students for their support to make the event successful.