O.P. Bhalla foundation organized a visit to the old age home “SHEOWS” in Faridabad. Faculty and students from the School of Management & Commerce, MRU, went to Old Age Home. The visit was planned as part of “Kindness Week” to sensitize students about the needs of the diverse people in the society around them. The Old Age Home is founded by Shri Vishram Manav, Dr. G.P. Bhagat, and Mr. Saurabh Bhagat, who have a selfless team to take care of elderly people and inmates who stay in the old age home.

The Faculty and students offered some eatables to the elderly people and spent time with them. The inmates residing there talked their hearts out with the students and the Faculty. It was an overwhelming experience for all. The essence was to bring a smile on the faces of the old people there.