Report on Industrial Visit India International Trade Fair 2022

School of Management and Commerce, Manav Rachna University, planned an Industrial Visit to India International Trade Fair 2022 for BBA Finance and Accounts, BBA Business Analytics, and BBA Global Operation Management. The coordinators for the industry visit were Dr. Shweta Goel and Asso. Prof SMC, MRU, and Dr. Rashi Banerji, Asst. Prof, SM, MRU.

The students were welcomed by Ms. Veena Yadav, CDSL, and were taken to the venue, where the dignitaries of Government authorities like BSE, SEBI, and CDSL briefed them. The entire visit was sponsored by CDSL, which included ticketsfor studentsrefreshments, and T-shirts. Students participated in a quiz on the awareness of investing in the stock market and were awarded certificates. Students were also given a live simulation of BSE trading in capital markets. 

The students could listen to the following stalwarts on awareness of Capital Market & Depository.

1. Mr. Yogesh Kundnani- Sr. VP.-CDSL

2. Mr. Sanjay Nunes-CDSL

3. Mr. Amit Kumar Jain-CDSL

4. Mr. Vinayak-SEBI

5. Mr. Harbinder Singh Sokhi-BSE

The topics for discussion were:

  1. Investment and securities market
  2. Queries related to investment and saving-related products
  3. Govt schemes related to various tax saving options
  4. Caution against fraud
  5. Grievance Redressal Mechanism of SEBI and depositories 
  6. Live interaction with industry professionals of stock exchanges and banks