Report of International Webinar on “Design Your Destiny”

Sister BK Sapna, Director Brahmakumaris, Senior Raja Yoga Meditation teacher, mental
and spiritual healer. Internationally renowned Rajyoga and meditation teacher, Corporate
Trainer, and Management Trainer of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University have its
global headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India.
She is a qualified chartered accountant by profession; she dedicated 25 years to the Spiritual
Service of mankind. In the path of service, she has played a key role in implementing Self-
Management Training Programs, as expounded by Brahma Kumari, Self-Management
Sadbhav, MRCPS, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics, MRU, organized an
International Webinar on “Design Your Destiny.” Dr. Deepa Arora, Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics, welcomed and introduced the guest speaker. 
Sister BK Sapna explained the importance of having a Clean Mind for healthy relations, and
perspective needs to be divine. The true essence of a relationship is to give & always give
without expectations. She emphasized that the new world, Satyug, will be created when we
change our deep-rooted Kaliyugi Sanskars. To change the same, one needs to energize the
soul through meditation and study spiritual knowledge regularly. 
The webinar included many short activities, which made the session interactive and created
self-awareness in the growing minds of the young participants. Sister Sapna mentioned that
while doing even the mundane tasks of the day if our mind is happy and peaceful, we are
fulfilling the higher purpose of radiating those vibrations into the world. What we are doing is
the purpose of the role; our higher purpose is how we are being while doing it.
The session proved successful as the participants were left motivated and aware of destiny,
Karma, and Peace. They enquired about their doubts and were contented with the guidance
received. In the end, the talk was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Deepa Arora,
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, MRU.