Market Place Business Simulation Workshop

School of Management & Commerce, in association with Innovation and Incubation MRU,
organized a three-day Market Place Business Simulation workshop for BBA students. The
Marketplace is the most realistic strategic planning and management simulation available in the
world. The Marketplace lets you build an entrepreneurial firm, experiment with strategies, and
compete with other firms in a virtual business world.
A total of 40 students participated in the workshop, divided into 8 teams of 5 members each who
had to compete in a market for the Carbon Fiber Bike Challenge. This Simulation Workshop was
an enthralling insight into the world of business development, sales, manufacturing, and the
intricacies of creating and selling a product through four quarters. In these four decision rounds
representing a year of compressed time, the students had to evaluate the market opportunity,
choose a business strategy, refine marketing tactics, hire new employees, assess the tactical
options, and make a series of decisions with profitability in mind. The decisions taken by the
teams by each team were combined with the decisions of their competitors and run through a
marketplace simulator. The results were then fed back to the players for the next round of
The last day had all the 8 teams presenting their entire product line with the performance in all
quarters and the amount of money they would like to pitch for investment.
The entire simulation game was led by Master Simulation Coach- Dr. Bindu Agrawal, who is a
certified coach in the area of business simulation. Dr. Bindu Agrawal, along with Dr. Pragati
Chauhan- Hod SMC, handheld the students to submit and present each quarter’s results and
finally make a final submission. The students shared their feedback which expressed their
satisfactory learning experience that they went through the simulation exercise and received
Marketplace US certifications.
The team that performed the best in the simulated market was awarded winner certificates by Dr.
Parul Jhajharia-Dean SMC.