Exploring Design Thinking in Dentistry with Dr. Amit Seth

Manav Rachna Dental College and Hospital took a notable step forward as the Periodontology Department delved into a session on ‘Design Thinking’ on January 17th, 2024. Attended by 85 faculty members and postgraduate students, this enriching session featured Dr. Amit Seth, Professor at the School of Leadership & Management and Director of MR NewGen IEDC, as the distinguished resource person. Dr. Pooja Palwankar, Professor and Head of Periodontology, extended a warm welcome, providing a cordial introduction to Dr. Seth for the participating audience.

The lecture aimed to shed light on the transformative potential of design thinking, equipping attendees with skills for a customer-centric approach to innovation. Dr. Seth adeptly navigated the complexities of the subject, employing practical methods and relevant examples. Through interactive activities, participants were prompted to form teams, unlocking their creative potential and exploring possibilities in product development.

By deconstructing customer needs and emphasizing empathy, Dr. Seth ignited innovative sparks, providing a roadmap for realizing creative visions. He introduced NewGen IEDC, a platform dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial dreams and bridging the gap between ideas and reality. The event concluded with appreciation for Dr. Seth’s insightful discourse and the valuable knowledge gained.