CDE & Hands-on Workshop on Photography in Clinical Dentistry by Dr. Tarun Sharma

Manav Rachna Dental College and Hospital, under the esteemed banner of Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, recently hosted a two-day Continuing Dental Education (CDE) program and Hands-on Workshop titled “Photography in Clinical Dentistry.” The event, held on the 20th and 21st of November 2023, aimed to enhance the skills of postgraduate students and faculty members in the art and science of dental photography.

The workshop, spearheaded by Dr. Tarun Sharma, a distinguished Professor from Seema Dental College, Rishikesh, unfolded with a pre-assessment test to gauge the participants’ baseline knowledge. The comprehensive program delved into the basics of photography, elucidating the critical components of camera equipment used in dental settings. Dr. Sharma shared insights into the significance of documenting clinical photographs for publications and provided an in-depth understanding of DSLR cameras, their types, and varied applications.

Divided into two sessions, the first day focused on theoretical aspects. Dr. Sharma’s expertise guided participants through the essential principles of photography, emphasizing key components and the intricate details of DSLR cameras. The second session concentrated on the dental aspects of photography, stressing its crucial role in clinical practice for diagnosis, treatment planning, documentation, and effective patient communication.

The culmination of the workshop occurred on the second day with a hands-on session. Participants were organized into groups based on their specialties, fostering collaboration and tailored learning experiences. The hands-on practice allowed participants to apply their theoretical knowledge, gaining practical skills in camera settings, equipment handling, and capturing various aspects of dental photography, including intraoral and extraoral shots.

The overarching goal of the workshop was to empower participants with the ability to capture detailed intraoral images, emphasizing specific angles, positions, and settings to highlight diverse dental conditions. Furthermore, the workshop delved into techniques for capturing extraoral images to document overall oral health and treatment outcomes comprehensively.

The feedback obtained from the participants reflected a high level of satisfaction. A survey conducted post-event revealed that 40 out of 52 participants expressed their contentment with the workshop. Participants praised Dr. Tarun Sharma’s oration skills and depth of knowledge, highlighting the overall enriching experience for both students and faculty.