BVICAM’ Coding Challenge 2022

BVICAM’ coding challenge event and an offline event was organized at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Institute
of Computer Application and Management (BVICAM). 1000+ participants registered for this event. The
event had two rounds; Prelims and Final rounds. The “PRELIMS” was conducted through an online quiz.
It consisted of core Computer Science questions having levels from medium to hard. The coverage of
questions was mainly from courses like OOPs, DBMS, Data Structures, etc. The quiz comprised 30
questions which were supposed to be completed in 20 minutes. The first 25 candidates qualified for the
PRELIMS round. The Final Round lasted 90 minutes and comprised three coding questions with levels of
medium to hard.
Six students from III semester (Section C) Department of CST, MRU participated in the event, and the
names are given below:
1.     Aadi Dhiman  –  2K21CSUN01101
2.     ASHWANI SONI – 2K21CSUN01108
3.     Harsh Kr. Dhir – 2K21CSUN01118
4.     Pratyush Mishra – 2K21CSUN01137
5.     Samarth Khandelwal – 2K21CSUN01139
6.     Vinay Kr. Vishwakarma – 22201001N004
Students who cleared the PRELIMS level are given below
1.     ASHWANI SONI – Top 14th rank
2.     PRATYUSH MISHRA- Top 17th rank
Final Result of event
ASHWANI SONI (2K21CSUN01108) secured 2nd position, got prize of 7k+ (cash + goodies)