MR Impact

Manav Rachna Internship for Meaningful ImPACT
A one-of-a-kind opportunity for Manav Rachna students to work with a range of functional units at the University campus, this groundbreaking initiative aims at helping students to accentuate their conceptual learning though practical application while enabling them to make a meaningful impact on their personal & professional growth.

Opportunities Available

Something to Suit Every Interest
MRIMPACT brings together all units of MREI to allow students to choose an opportunity that aligns best with their interests and aptitude. Apart from deciding between a teaching and a non-teaching role, MRites can choose among the departments they wish to intern with – from Research to Academic Schools and from CRC to Admissions to Marketing, the opportunities are abundant.


A Wholesome Real-Life Experience
Only the current students from MRIIRS, MRU, MRDC and MRIS are eligible for the internship and must meet specific eligibility criteria, including attendance and any other prerequisites set by the participating departments and as mentioned in the Job Description.

Application & Selection

A Seamless Route to your First Work Place!
The application process for MRIMPACT is designed to be simple and accessible. Interested students can apply through the official MRIMPACT website by submitting their resume and a statement of interest through a cover letter based on which they will be shortlisted for an interview.


Earn your First Salary with your University!
The internship program may offer compensation as a gesture of appreciation for the interns' contributions. Interns may also receive additional benefits such as access to learning resources, professional development opportunities, and networking events to enhance their overall experience.