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The Attitude Factor

“Attitude is everything”- Diane Von Frustenberg
An Attitude can be defined as positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, activities, events or just about anything in the environment. Attitude is never right or wrong, it’s either positive or negative. Our Attitude translates into behavior and guides our actions. There has been a lot of research into the subject by behaviour psychologists and various theories have come into existence. The profound effect that our attitude has on our actions, and even that of those around us, has made it, very critical for our day to day functioning.
Studies have shown, that we can choose our attitude, by making a conscious effort and it is imperative to learn to master this.
The Never-ending Cycle
We all have days when we feel upbeat, and those when we feel, just a little, under the weather. When we start our day on a positive note, it’s easier to feel good, and spread smiles, wherever we go, but a simple event like an altercation with a friend, or a family member can spoil it for us. This negativity is then carried subconsciously, on to the rest of our day, and even to those individuals, who are at the receiving end of our subsequent ire.
The Betari’s Box
The way our attitude is developed and the effects it has on us, is very clearly explained by the Betari’s Box.
The Betari’s box works on a principle that we all have the ability to choose an attitude. It’s a circle of events, that shows the relationship of our attitude and behaviour, with that of the attitude and behaviour of the individuals who come in contact with us.

This box clearly states that our attitude effects our behavior, which effects the attitude and behavior of others and by changing our attitude, we can change our behaviour and successfully break the cycle.
The Winning Attitude
When a friend is in a foul mood, his behaviour effects everyone in the group. This is how we get stuck in the Betari’s  box subconsciously, and this happens to the best of us, day in and day out. The best way to get over this is by not letting negative instances affect our attitude. This can be achieved by concentrating on positive things during a bad time. We must also try to stop others behaviour from affecting us.
Make An Effort
An individual’s attitude is very important, as it effects his feelings, moods, afflictions and ultimately behaviour and that’s not all, as one’s attitude has the power to affect the attitude of others as well. However, one has the power within themselves to get out of this vicious circle and even help others stuck in it, by showing them the positive side.
So make an effort to develop a positive attitude and bring a difference in the world around you.
Attitude is a little thing that makes big difference” – Winston Churchill
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