M.A. ECONOMICS: Future Fructified with Fiscal Policy & Market Understanding

13 Dec 2023

Let's Explore the Interplay between the Markets, Policy and the Society

Today, Economics is considered to be one such subject which offers a variety of opportunities as regards the career of an individual. There is an increasing demand for Economics Graduates and Postgraduates in the global market because we need Economists in almost all spheres ranging from financial to agricultural to administrative policies. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies team aims to provide an enriching experience to the students by helping them acquire good mathematical, analytical and statistical approaches so that they can choose to build a great career from diverse prospects which Economics as a subject offers...

Below mentioned are a few of the many opportunities one can look for after completing Masters in Economics:

  • Academia and Research: MA in Economics also helps for a career in Academics and Research. With this certification, one can contribute to the academic world by teaching, doing extensive research, and publishing papers in respected Journals and books. This degree lays the foundation for a fulfilling career in which a person can share the knowledge, develop new ideas, and make noteworthy contributions to the academic community.

  • Consultancy: Companies, Research Organizations, Think Tanks that specialize in economic analysis and policy advising actively seek persons with postgraduate degrees in Economics. Pursuing this path provides us opportunities to work on a variety of topics, ranging from researching specific sectors to analyzing legislation. With a Master's degree in Economics, one can find fascinating jobs in Consulting Organizations where skill in performing extensive economic analysis and providing important insights into policy concerns is respected.
  • Corporate Sector: Companies value Economists for their ability to analyze market conditions, predict trends, and provide strategic advice. A Master of Arts in Economics provides plentiful opportunities in areas such as market research, data analysis, and management. It also prepares individuals to flourish in fields where knowledge of economic issues is vital for making decisions that influence an organization's direction and performance.
  • Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs entering the field of business or startups must also understand economic principles. A Master's degree in Economics helps people who want to start their own business or are willing to contribute to innovative sectors. It teaches them the necessary skills of the business world and the innovation industry.

  • Financial Sector: Banks, financial institutions, and investment businesses use economists to analyze market trends, assess risks, and provide guidance for financial decisions. Masters in Economics can lead to employment in banking, financial analysis, and investment management. It prepares students to flourish in professions where understanding economic dynamics is critical for making educated judgements in the world of finance.

  • Government and Public Policy: With a Master's degree in Economics, one can have a substantial impact on government and public policy. Individuals with this qualification have a critical role in setting the economic regulations. They examine how these rules affect various areas and make recommendations to better the economy for everyone. In essence, a Master's degree in Economics enables one to actively contribute to policies that influence the economic well-being of society as a whole.
  • International Organizations: Organizations like International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and United Nations (UN) often seek Economists to execute policy research, address global economic issues and manage development initiatives. If a person has a MA in Economics, they may be able to contribute to these organizations' efforts in understanding and addressing complex global economic challenges and determining development initiatives that affect nations all across the world.

  • Non-Profit Sector: Non-profit organizations focused on economic development, poverty reduction, and social issues frequently seek economists' advice. They need specialists to monitor and evaluate the impacts of their programs and give recommendations for improvements. A postgraduate in Economics can find ways to contribute to these organizations by assessing the effect of their projects. This also helps them to play an important role in addressing societal concerns and affecting the lives of those in need in a positive manner.

So, we see that the above mentioned are few areas wherein a Masters in Economics can explore career opportunities. Be it in influencing government policies, designing financial plans, or contributing to international organizations, an advanced degree in Economics proves to be a quite useful course.

Individuals who pursue a MA in Economics not only gain in terms of their personal and professional development, they also place themselves as vital contributors to the complicated network of global economic dynamics. In an ever-changing world, those with economic acumen will be at the fore, leading and shaping the future.


Author: Dr. Nooria Rehman, Department of Economics, Assistant Professor, SBSS, MRIIRS

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