Foreign Languages: Passport to a Better Future

29 Sep 2016

Learning a new language is not just about learning new alphabets, pronunciations and grammar. Learning a new language is to learn a new culture. Learning a new language is to become a global citizen in its true sense. A new language not only gives you the platform to communicate with individuals of different cultures but also opens a door to a plethora of opportunities. A new language is a new life!

Learning a foreign language is more than just a tag to add to your CV or necessity while travelling to a foreign land. It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English. How often have we heard people say I don't need to learn any language, I know English? How many friends, relatives and acquaintances have you come across who think on similar lines? Honestly, they would be wrong! To think that English is the most widely spoken language, the lingua franca, would be wrong. It is indeed one of the most widely understood and popular languages in the world, but certainly not the only one. According to the CIA World Fact Book, only 5.6 % of the world's total population speaks English as a primary language. That number doubles when people who speak English as a second or third language are counted. By conservative estimates, that means that well over four-fifths of the world's population does not speak English. If the numbers are to be believed, 14.4% of the world population speaks (Chinese) Mandarin, 6.15% speaks Spanish and around 5.5% speaks English.

Foreign language courses you can opt

At Manav RachnaCentre of Foreign Languagesthe focus is largely on developing interest in hitherto unexplored capabilities that students' possess. The courses are open to all undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, self employed or other professionals of any discipline looking to enhance their CVs and developing professionally, keen to explore new languages and cultures or even searching for a different pastime and a way to meet new people, MRCFL aims to fulfill their aspirations. With an array of choices viz. Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in some of the most popular languages of the world; French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Arabic students get an opportunity to explore not only their love for languages but also to enhance their skills to make them a global professional. Students can also look forward to English Language courses at various levels including TOEFL/IELTS /TEP Preparation Program to give them an edge over their regular curriculum.

After the successful completion of its maiden batch, second batch running with full zeal and vigor, the third batch of MRCFL for certificate and diploma for various languages will commence in the last week of September. We look forward to welcoming yet another bright and vibrant brigade of students coming from all walks of life to rediscover their passion and fervour to learn new languages, cultures and exploring horizons beyond boundaries.

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