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Giving Power To The Performer

Surging unemployment rate in the country has increased the burden on the higher education institutes, who are making constant attempts to reduce the gap between the job availability and employ-ability in the market.
More skill focused programmes have been initiated in almost every university and college, to improve the employ-ability standard of its students. With expansion in facilities the count of students successfully completing their graduation is higher than the number of students who land up in a job, in the industry.
This creates a lacuna in the whole education system which fails to fulfill the purpose of acquiring a professional degree. The main reason cited for this, is the lack of proper skills and industrial training,  which makes the academic qualification of students insignificant for a particular job role.
Empowering youth through employment is  the most important medium of engaging youth in the nation development process as well. As per the recent survey record, nearly 45 lakh graduates remained unemployed annually. This figure has further swelled up by 9% in the last two years indicating a major drawback in the skill development sector of the country.
What is the root cause of the problem?
The root cause of the problem lies in the theory of practicing traditional method of learning in the institutes at higher education level.  Vocational training and interactive sessions should be given mandatory approach by the institute ensuring good placement records.
In this age of universal science and technology where innovation has been prioritized as an important element of research and development, limited resource has resulted in less contribution in this sector.

Students often study a subject of convenience over their interest. Wrong subject / course choice because of limited seats during admissions,  is another major deterrent in the career growth. It narrows the employ-ability chances of students further, as they are unsure of their academia qualification and also lack the practical skills.
What is the possible solution?
Job orientated training courses are gaining more popularity among the masses as it assures them higher chances of getting absorbed in the industry, immediately after their degree course is complete.

University like Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) provide special vocational training sessions, in each of its courses,  that focuses on the enhancement of the practical skills of the students, giving them power to perform better.
The Engineering graduates from MRIU have exemplified their innovative skills on various national and global platforms, receiving laurels for their performance. Higher placement record of the students have further confirmed the quality of the training programme delivered in the university.
Skill+Will + Zeal= Win, the most successful mantra of empowering the youth, initiated in Gujarat, practiced by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most fundamental method of preparing a pool of skill employees, ready to be hired.
This mantra needs to be adopted by the education sector as well, to help build a connectivity between the recruiter and the trainer.

MRIU provides its students with  skill-centric industrial training courses, that equips its graduates and post graduates to deliver efficiently in the job market. MRIU believes in creating a complete training package, as an integral part of its course structure, across varied courses.

Change in the recruitment paradigm of corporate giants, who give first preference to a higher qualification and more experienced CV, compared to just a graduate.  The dual degree programmes of MRIU have received positive result, with students acquiring dual degree stamp and getting a better pay package and exposure in the market.
MRIU dual degree programmes also contributes in the international learning process of its students, through its foreign university affiliations, thereby opening a
job opportunities for them abroad.
The only way of mending the broken bridge and improving the employ-ability status is by providing enough power to the performers through skill development short term programmes/courses in the college, in order to prepare them to be readily hired.
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