Scope of Pursuing BBA LLB

09 Apr 2020

The field of Law is not a discrete and stand-alone body of knowledge, and the practice of law also cannot be divorced from the practice of other disciplines. Law affects and is affected by other disciplines and other professions in many ways. BBA LLB is a one such unique and niche interdisciplinary program that has emerged in the last decade in response to fast-changing trends of the industry. It provides an in-depth knowledge of commerce and business management, with intricate details of law and governance. Students gain valuable insights into both domains, viz management of business functions, including finance, marketing, human resource management, international business, and the legal policy & framework, including corporate laws in the fields of banking, investment, corporate governance, insurance, competition and acquisitions & mergers, etc, thereby facilitating a truly interdisciplinary approach to learning law.

Pursuing BBA LLB after 12th? You are on Right Track ..!

The scope of BBA LLB keeps expanding, if the students keep themselves abreast with latest developments in the legal and management discipline, take up short-term certification courses and focus on good-quality work experience in the areas of their interest, without bothering too much about monetary returns in the initial phase. The career holds a rewarding future, for those who are hard-working, perseverant, resilient and stay committed.

So, for all those students, who are already pursuing it.. all the very best You are on the right track!

Skills you learn while pursuing BBA LLB

The course develops an analytical mind-set, critical analysis, lateral thinking, research, public speaking, problem-solving and decision-making skills of the students, while exhibiting inter-relationship between management and law. The program focuses on creating a learning environment that fosters students' managerial and entrepreneurial skills, a sense of global and social responsibility, besides in-depth know-how and wherewithal to provide solutions to legal problems using intellectual autonomy. The program gives the students the tools, skills and practical experience to successfully manage, lead and communicate in today's increasingly competitive and interconnected world.

Prepares you for both management and law sector

For a student, doing such a program is always a win-win proposition. The program enables you to apply your knowledge and skills in either management disciplines or in law domain, or in both, thereby making the candidate much more valuable to corporate houses and businesses. Infact, most companies prefer those with this dual degree, rather than a plain vanilla LLB. Secondly, the program also helps you to keep all your potential career options intact till the very end, and choose your areas of expertise in either of the sectors to grow in your career. Thirdly, study of management, which covers aspects like managing self and others, diagnosing the environment, improving interpersonal skills, demonstrating authentic and ethical leadership, winning clients and bagging big deals, etc, helps one to become more successful as a lawyer as well.

Other Integrated Law courses

Tips for self-development while pursuing LLB integrated program

For those, who have opted for other specializations in their ongoing integrated LLB program. try to develop yourself personally and professionally, learn the art of managing self and others, appreciate the environment, pick up management skills by doing short-term educational courses, read self-help books, or seek those work-related opportunities where you manage work and others effectively in trying times, and emerge as a natural leader.

Job opportunities after BBA LLB

Everyday a new start-up venture opens up, bringing in not only innovation in their products and services, but also unique risks and customer value proposition, thus offering employment and business opportunities to those who can apply knowledge of both business and law to provide solutions and monetize the opportunity.

Students who complete B.B.A., L.L.B. Degree Course have a lot of employment opportunities in administration, planning, management, banking, and industrial sector in addition to legal profession and judiciary. Some of the diverse areas of job opportunities for a BBA LLB graduate are as follows:

  • Working as a Business Development Manager with various law firms of the country;
  • Working as an associate at law firms, such as in some of the top law firms in the country, like Amarchand Mangaldas,Khaitan & Co, AZB &Partners,J Sagar Associates, Luthra & Luthra, and Trilegal, etc.
  • Working as a general counsel in the legal departments of companies (In house role) such as HCL,Apple, Uber, Ola, 1MG etc.
  • Working as a paralegal assistant on specific assignments with law firms/companies
  • Human resource manager with companies/law firms
  • Legal probationary officer with reputed banks of India
  • Finance Manager/ Management Accountant
  • Working as an advocate pursuing Corporate Litigation with practicing advocates
  • Law reporter with media houses
  • Becoming a legal professor at reputed universities in the country and abroad
  • Preparing for Indian Administrative Services
  • Discharge the role of Company Secretary in big corporate houses, if the student also picks up an added qualification of CS along with BBA LLB

In the conclusion, I am reminded of a famous quote by Carroll Byrant, who said-

Some peoplemakethings happen.Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, 'What the hell just happened?

Be among the first category of people and make things happen for yourself and others!

Best Wishes for a great future!

Written By:- By Mr. Ajay Bhatia, Professor of Management at Faculty of Law

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