National Oral Pathologists Day Celebration

The National Oral Pathologists Day Celebration, Organized by the Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, held at Manav Rachna Dental College on February 26, 2024, served as a valuable forum for the dental community to enhance their knowledge and understanding of oral pathology.

The event commenced with a Rangoli Making competition, fostering creative expression among undergraduate students. This was followed by informative lectures delivered by esteemed guest speaker Dr. Keya Sircar and alumnus Dr. Bhuvan Nagpal. Their presentations emphasized the critical importance of accurate patient diagnosis in clinical practice. Interactive discussions and practical examples further enriched the attendees’ understanding of core oral pathology principles.

The celebration facilitated meaningful interactions and networking opportunities among students, interns, and faculty members from diverse departments within the college. A student-led Nukkad Natak performance incorporated a cultural element while reinforcing key oral pathology messages. It emphasized collaborative efforts necessary for the advancement of oral pathology within the broader dental field.

The National Oral Pathologists Day Celebration proved to be highly successful in promoting professional advancement and nurturing a spirit of collaboration within the dental community, with a view towards perpetuating a lasting impact and facilitating ongoing enhancements in oral healthcare.