MRU Orientation Programme – Day 3 of B.Tech CSE and IT

The Third day of Manav Rachna University, B.Tech. CSE & IT First Year two-weeks Bridge Program started with Electronics Workshop “Techno Skillz – Empowering Minds and Hands”. The students were given hands-on experience on Electrical components like Resistors, Capacitors, Bread Boards, Multimeters and Power supply etc. The workshop helped the students to learn the principles associated with Arduino hardware and software.

Thereafter, a “Typing Pro” session was conducted to enhance the typing skills by exposing the students to multi-form exercises like keyboard drills, typing games etc.

Later in the day, session on Microsoft Excel was conducted with the aim to equip students with the various features like Page Layout Orientation, Formulas, What If Analysis, Linking and Embedding etc. The day ended with a movie show “Pursuit of Happiness”, with an objective to give a learning to face hurdles in life with full courage and strength. The movie also conveyed that dedication and will power to learn new things in life is a key to success.